Mata Croata with a little help of his friends

Dear friends,

On behalf of the award-winning internationally recognized sculptor Mata Turić, better known under the alias – Mata Croata (protege of croatia2go); we need your help…because the good deed is the best investment in the future!

In the last two years, Mata exhibited twice at the Paris Salon, and this fall for the third time, thus representing the Croatian sculpture scene.

A return to Life by Mate Turić, the famous sculpture for the Paris Salon, photo credit by Mata Croata
A Return of Life by Mate Turić, the famous sculpture for the Paris Salon, photo credit by Mata Croata

The greatness and prestige that is the achievement of the exhibition at the Paris Salon is proven by the fact that so far, only a few  Croatian artists have exhibited there, but they were Ivan Meštrović, Hrvoje Dumančić, and Zvonimir Mihanović.

Now we need your support

Despite his significant successes so far, Mata needs the community’s support and financial assistance to continue his work, travels, and exhibitions.

Mate Turić is recognizable by his cut style in stone, which he also transfers to other materials. With his work, Mata regularly participates in numerous humanitarian events in Croatia and abroad. Despite financial problems, this time will not be any different. Mate will join the humanitarian action again if he completes his trip to Paris.

The story of artists

Although Parisians and the rest of the world recognized the originality of Mate Turić work and Croatia again has its representative at the Paris Salon this academic sculptor, regardless of the awards and individual support of his colleagues and his academic and master’s degree, in Croatia didn’t achieve the status and funds needed to participate in renowned events.

For his trip, Mata needs significant financial resources. Hereby, we are asking you to support Mata’s creativity by co-financing part of the costs necessary for traveling and exhibiting Mata’s works.

Mate Turić travels with the gift for the Association of the Blind in Paris. He will donate one of his stone sculptures. His art can be experienced by the visually impaired and blind, it can be touched!

We ask you for ‘your touch’ and support

Your support of  HRK 5,000/ 660 € can be of significant importance for the exhibition at the Salon and for successfully transferring a sculpture.

Information and bank account are; DONATION

Obrt za obradu kamena, OIB: 96944029060, owner: Mate Turić

Banovo 11 , 10340 Vrbovec

Bank account: HR4023600001102840956

We believe that you will recognize the importance of Mata’s participation at the Paris Salon, and that we will help reach new heights in Croatian sculpture and art through joint cooperation.

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Thank you in advance,

on behalf of our protege Mate Turić – Mate Croata,

Andreja Pruša Horvatić

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