Mate Rimac presented the fastest car in existence!

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The hottest news in the car world revolves around a Croatian supercar. This year at Geneva International Motor Show, young Croatian innovator Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac car factory presented his newest model Concept Two. What makes this car so special is the fact it’s the fastest car in the world at the moment! It has 1, 914 horsepower engine that enables a 0 to 60mph acceleration in 1.85 seconds.

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“We want to show through this car what is possible to do today, we want to push to the furthest limits!” said Rimac on the presentation of the car.
Concept Two is a far more sophisticated version of its forerunner Concept One and one of those super-luxurious cars. That is why there will be only seven models of Concept Two made, at least for now. And the price? Well, there has been no information about that part, but experts agree that it could go up to seven digits in dollars or maybe even euros.

But did you know that you could get a unique experience by visiting the Rimac car factory?
Not far away from Zagreb, you can get a taste of what future vehicles will look like. In this exclusive tour not only you will pay a visit to Rimac car factory, but also spend some time in the cute little nearby town of Samobor!

Croatian Attractions – The highlights of your holiday!

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