Memorial Center “Nikola Tesla” – Peek into the life of a brilliant mind

The Memorial Center “Nikola Tesla” was opened on the 150th birthday  (in 2006.) of this famous Croatian inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist. It is founded in his birthplace – Smiljan.

Tesla’s life is presented in the Birth house. And in the attic, you can find his most important inventions.

In a demonstration laboratory, which is a copy of Tesla”s laboratory from Colorado Springs, you can join the experiment with a high-frequency current.

Tesla”s inventions created the conditions for the electrification of the world and started a new industrial revolution. He laid the foundation for the development of radio technology, telecommunications, and remote control machinery and radar.

All his inventions were in accordance with nature and had no harmful impact on the environment.

Tesla received numerous honorary doctorates and the Edison Medal – highest award from the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

In 1960 unit for magnetic induction in the International System of Units (SI) was named TESLA.

I do not regret that others have stolen my ideas, rather that they have none of their own.”

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