Mirko Filipović

As the reactions related to the incredible victory of Croatia’s famous MMA fighter Mirko Filipović a.k.a. Cro Cop in the Tokyo Saitama Arena versus domestic fighter  Tsuyoshi Kohsaka is still strong and almost unexpected, more and more people seem to wonder: “Who is that guy and what’s his story?”
Too many Japanese people, the name of Cro Cop is nothing new and unknown since he’s a well-known visitor to Japanese fighting rings for years and one of the best competitors in various mixed martial arts. Above that, there is no person in any fighting organization that doesn’t know about Mirko the Cro Cop and his amazing stats throughout years.
But who is Mirko Filipović, a Croatian martial arts prodigy?
Born in the Slavonian city of Vinkovci in 1974, Mirko grew up with his parents and younger sister Sandra where he lived until high school graduation when he moved to Zagreb to attend the Police Academy. During his teenage years he moved to an adoptive family in Zagorje during the Homeland War, and when he got back home, his father died, leaving his mother and sister which forced him to work as a bouncer at clubs in Zagreb to help them financially.
Later he got into an elite squad of special police ATJ Lučko and really enjoyed doing his job and therefore the famous nickname Cro Cop. He started his kickboxing career in 1996, and his early professional fighting phase won a fight against Jerome Banner. Three years later he got into K1 and continued his winning streak against strong opponents.
After few years he built a recognizable name and has fought in many disciplines and for few organizations such as Dream FC, UFC, K1, etc. During that period he instantly got famous for his high-kick. Because of his shoulder injury, he announced retirement but got back to martial arts sports in Japan where he won on Rizin Grand Prix.
His stats to this day are fantastic, consisting of 36 victories of which 27 of them are knock-outs.
His private life has always been a low-key one without any rumors and negative connotations. He got married in 2002 to Klaudija Šuker and is a father to two boys, Filip and Ivan.

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