Mobile application „Greetings from Zagreb.“

The mobile application „Greetings from Zagreb“ was presented at the National and University Library. It’s the first mobile application of Croatian libraries in general. The application is currently available only for Android devices, is free and displays old digitized postcards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which are kept in the collection of National and University Libraries. The app has 150 old postcards that are linked to the ten most beautiful locations in Zagreb. Each postcard in the app also contains a link to the library’s collection, where you can read details like the year that the postcard was printed, who was the publisher and where it was traveling. In the app, you can see the postcard background. This project wanted to show that libraries do not vanish, but adapt to the future. Who does not want an application, can also experience a historic walk through old Zagreb on the website „Greetings from Zagreb.“
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Photo by M. Svarc Zagreb Croatia 1
Photo by M. Svarc Zagreb Croatia

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