Mosques in Croatia



Unlike many countries in the world, where unfortunately a lot of religious intolerance takes place in everyday life, no matter what religions we’re talking about, we’re proud to say that Croatia definitely is not on that list! Religious pluralism is one of the fundamental creeds that Croatia is impressive of.
Although Croatians are over 90% Christian, a significant part of our citizens are of other religions, and part of them are Muslims who make up almost 3% of Croatia’s population.



Islam has been present in Croatia centuries and centuries ago and an indivisible part of Croatian culture and many Muslims throughout history were more than just respected members of Croatian society, they were (and are) heroes of their time.



Any religious person needs (and has right) to have their sanctuary, a place to pray, to meditate and to find inner peace and Muslims in Croatia have also their mosques to practice their religion.
Croatia is home to four mosques (one opened just recently in the city of Sisak), and relations between the Muslim community and Christian community has never been better and stronger.

The oldest mosque is in Gunja, a small town on the very East of Croatia and it was built back in 1969. since the city is located near the Bosnian border and many  Muslim Bosniaks lived and worked in Gunja which was an indicator that they also need their religious sanctuary.

Almost 20 years later, the big mosque in Zagreb was opened in 1987, and it consists of the mosque itself but also works as an Islamic center with and anytime!



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