National Park Plitvice Lakes – Why is it a must-see in Croatia?

Fall, Donja jezera, Photo credit by archives of NP Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes is the oldest, biggest and most popular national park in Croatia. If you are confused as to why, we will try to explain it to you with this article, even though any picture of these lakes is worth more than a thousand words.

The Plitvice lakes are a part of a wooded mountainous region of the country. Sixteen lakes of various sizes can be found in this park, all containing crystal clear cyan-colored water. With numerous small rivers and streams, there is no fear that these beautiful lakes will dry up.

Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes

What makes these lakes so different than any other? Let us just say, every time to come to Plitvice, the lakes will look slightly different than they did before. In other words, these special plants are known as tufa generators (algae, moss, and others) participate in the creation of travertine rocks that change the shape of the lakes. These formations are extremely fragile because they are composed of calcite, and they’re very specific in their hollowness. Of course, this means that they require a high level of protection because this process isn’t nearly as simple as it seems.
If we combine these three main elements – a plethora of spring water, tufa generators and the tufa, what we get is a biological phenomenon of exceptional beauty!

Plitvice lakes NP in fall, photo by Nino Pavisic

Walking along the Plitvice lakes, you are able to enjoy the natural harmony and beauty that engage all your senses. Surrounded by sights for sore eyes, the clean mountainous air filling your body while you enjoy the calming sounds of the waterfalls and birds chirping.

Don’t worry, you will definitely not stay hungry. The rich gastronomic offers at nearby restaurants and bistros prepare good based on the traditional Lika cuisine for its guests, with fresh ingredients grown in the preserved environment of the Plitvice Lakes and pastures.

If all of this sounds unreal to you, come to our paradise and see for yourself!


Vanja Celinić




Kozjak lake, fall, Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes

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