Nikola Bašić – the man with the ideas


A famous architect and author of the famous Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun found a recipe for the ‘urban balancing’ of Croatia.

He proposed the formation of a new urban, economic and social formation of the three Dalmatian cities (Zadar, Šibenik, and Split), which he already called his authentic neologism – Dalmapolis

And if we are talking about the Split port…

Nikola Bašić considers that the single port should be developed into a dispersed harbor system. The unmistakable and completely irrational persistence of Split is that all travel, tourist, cruise, and ferry traffic are located about one hundred meters from the Diocletian’s Palace.

The Split Project is a response to the stratification, diversification, and dispersion of port functions, therefore, a new nautical, tourist harbor, and a cruise homeport are being built, but at the same time significant new facilities for the club, sports, and communal berths. It will be built in the Poljud cove area and on the peninsula that divides it from the Lora military harbor.


This project opens the process of a comprehensive transformation of Poljud cove, which has become unarticulated, publicly inaccessible.

For the whole project, the topography of the peninsula that divides the Poljud cove from the port of Lora is extremely important, suggesting a new concentration of port and urban contents.

The cliff of the peninsula, whose edge is elevated ten meters above the sea, allows overlapping of city and port functions.

This eliminates the usual conflicts between port and city functions, enabling a powerful nautical example of one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Split!

Waterfront Split, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions
Waterfront Split, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

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