Northern Croatia

Here we have three regions; The most north is Međimurje. Varaždin is a lovely hilly region between Zagreb and Međimurje. But if you go from Zagreb to Slovenia on the northwest, you’ll pass the most greener part of Croatia; Croatian Zagorje.

Stari grad Medimurska zupanija

Međimurje jewel ČAKOVEC

Međimurje is always a story. Sometimes it is a story about the most delicate cake, Međimurska gibanica; sometimes it is an excellent pumpkin oil, sometimes Pušipel and Štrigova or Mura, but always the main actors are the people, hardworking people…
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“Bus on the move” – Eco-Museum “Međimurje malo”

Eco-Museum “Međimurje malo” has become a symbol of the gastronomic scene’s cultural, historical, natural heritage, and wealth. As a fragmented museum, it shows the essential values ​​of Međimurje and, through interpretation, turns them into an authentic experience. Mlin na Muri/Mill…
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The Ecomuseum Međimurje malo

Ecomuseum ‘Međimurje malo/ A Little Međimurje’ presents ten attractive topics at its ten original locations. At each location are arranged or will be ‘special’ interpretation centers. Ecomuseum ‘Međimurje malo‘ is the first such project in Croatia, and it covers these…
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Series; A Staycation in Croatia is Staylicious The money lies on the road, they say. You just need to bend over. In Međimurje in Donji Vidovac – it has been proven, with gold prospecting. Gold prospectors in Međimurje, Croatia, photo…
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Varazdin Korzo Croatia photo credit by TZGV

Varaždin was the capital of Croatia

Varaždin is one of the cities you mustn’t miss when you are in Croatia.  It’s located on the banks of the Drava River and is surrounded by Zagorje, Podravina, Štajerska, and Međimurje. The city center of Varaždin, Croatia, photo credit…
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Sandor Bordas CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 1 1

Health and Spa resorts in Croatian Zagorje part. II

Zagorje has, besides magical hills and endless green sceneries, a big amount of healthy thermal water wells which makes it the region with possibly the most thermal spas in Croatia and further. As we mentioned some of the prominent health…
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Christmas customs in Kajkavian region

A hundred years ago, in most homes in this area, one of the customs was to clean up before Christmas. The whole family was involved in it, and it was taken much more seriously and with responsibility. Especially interesting were…
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Popular Christmas customs in Podravina

Saint Stephen is celebrated as the first Christian martyr for religion, and today is a symbol of the struggle for justice and forgiveness. It is celebrated in the Catholic Church on December 26th and is a state holiday in the…
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