Ob Gula, Abyss or Ogulin?

I’m totally positive that a very few Croatians, even people from Ogulin knows the story of Ogulin.

The name Ogulin comes from the Latin word “ob gula”, meaning abyss. With this assumption, the derivative refers to the abyss of the Dobra River in Ogulin. Ogulin was built around the fort built by the Frankopan noble family at the end of the 15th century. The city is located in the center of Croatia, halfway between Zagreb and Rijeka, and for this reason, it has good connections with other parts of Croatia. It is located in Karlovac County. Significant momentum in the development of the economy has recently been the most important contribution of craftsmen and small entrepreneurs, and mostly we are talking about employment on wood processing, the development of agriculture and the development of livestock production. Ogulin has great opportunities for economic development in tourism! Many famous people from various fields of science, literature, music and Croatian Army officers were born in the Ogulin area. In the field of culture, one of the most famous Croatian opera singer Ema Puškec (better known as Ilma de Murska) and in the literature, the most famous Croatian writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. Ogulin celebrates its Day of the City on September 14, on the Day of the Exaltation of St. Cross. The celebration ends with lots of fun while singing traditional songs and dancing. Ogulin is very interesting to tourists because many of stories are related to his appearance. There are many exciting events taking place with the aim of preserving folk customs and culture.

Welcome to Ogulin!

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