1 kg octopus,3 gloves garlic,2 larger onions,½ kg potatoes,1 lemon, fresh parsley, sea salt, grained pepper,1 cup pitted black olives,3 tablespoon olive oil,1 tablespoon vinegar


Freeze the octopus, then defrost just before preparation to tender the meat during cooking. Cook in salted water; add in grained pepper, lemon slices, a few drops of olive oil and whole garlic cloves. Boil skinned potato in a separate pot, and finely chop an onion. Once tender, remove the octopus from pot and allow it to cool. Clean from fibres, cut the head in cubes and tails in slices. Peel boiled potato and cut in cubes. Add chopped octopus in a bowl and mix with potato, onion, and olives; sprinkle with finely chopped parsley, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, or vinegar. Mix it and leave it to cool in the refrigerator.

Practical tip:

If not frozen, beat octopus meat with a wooden bat until tender.

octopus salad from komia
octopus salad from komia

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