Olive Oil Immersions in Villa Nai 3.3

Can you imagine the perfect combination of wild, untouched nature made of 500 hundred-year-old olive groves by the Adriatic sea with waves splashing its shores; and a perfectly drawn geometrical blueprint? You don’t have to imagine anymore. With the creation of Architect Nikola Bašić, Villa Nai 3.3 was born on Dugi Otok Island. A property immersed in nature, unpretentious just like all other beauties adorning this island…

A Luxurious Villa Nai 3.3 2022 Aerial , photo credit by Villa Nai

Wondering why there’s a 3.3 in its name? 

Snowfall lends itself to the unusual name of the property. Dugi Otok has 3.3 days of snowfall annually, which is the perfect amount to produce a bountiful olive harvest, and the Morović family’s globally multi-award-winning olive oil Nai 3.3. 

Incredible Villa Nai 3.3 2022 photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3, Dugi Otok, Croatia

Villa Nai 3.3 sits in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, equidistant from Venice and Dubrovnik, two must-visit destinations. It’s moored in a haven on the island of Dugi Otok, the heart of Dalmatia, near the village of Žman. It offers a luxurious stay only a few minutes away from Telašćica Nature Park, its beaches and cliffs, olive groves, and Aleppo pine and oak forests.

Villa Nai 3.3, olive grove, photo by D. Fabijanić, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Sail across the Kornati Islands and glide between 140 perfectly interlocked islets before returning to your lavish suite.

Villa Nai 3.3, Dugi Otok, Croatia, photo credit by Villa Nai

Born in Nature, Made of Nature – Villa Nai 3.3

Villa Nai’s first-rate facilities allow guests to unwind in remote surroundings, with two seawater pools, an intimate area to exercise, a tennis court, and a rejuvenating spa that mixes cutting-edge technology with globally-renowned traditional treatments. In addition, restaurants 3.3 and Grotta 11000 take diners on a gastronomy journey through the flavors born on the island. 

Villa Nai 3.3, photo by Tom Dubravec, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Villa Nai 3.3., grotta, photo by Tom Dubravec, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3,

Villa Nai 3.3, photo by Tom Dubravec, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Olive Oil Immersions with Gino Celletti

It is no wonder that Villa Nai 3.3 is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. With such a title, it is honored to host the book promotion of The Leading Monocultivar Olive Millers of The World, written by olive oil expert Dr. Gino Celletti. 

Harvest 2021, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

From October 23 to 29, 2022, hotel guests will enjoy an all-inclusive 6-night stay at Villa Nai 3.3, including six dinners at the hotel that showcase owner Goran and Nives Morović’s celebrated Nai 3.3 olive oil. 

Harvest 2021, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

The exciting itinerary explores the northern Dalmatian region just after the olive harvest, with three days at sea and three days on land to uncover the rich nautical and natural heritage of Dugi Otok Island and its surroundings. 

Harvest 2021, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Upon arrival at Villa Nai 3.3, guests will be introduced to the hotel’s olive grove and Nai 3.3 production facility and olive mill and enjoy an olive oil paired dinner with a welcome speech by Gino Celletti himself. 

Villa Nai 3.3., terraces view, photo by D. Fabijanic, photo credit by Villa Nai

The second day is reserved for a private boat tour of the Kornati Islands, the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean, with an olive oil tasting onboard guided by Dr. Celletti. A guided visit to Telašćica Nature Park (the largest and deepest natural harbor on the Adriatic) is reserved for Day 3, where we will delve into the valuable flora and fauna and geological and geomorphological phenomena. But that’s not all – Day 3 includes an exclusive live performance of Tovareća Mužika (local traditional horn players procession, under UNESCO protection as non-material cultural heritage), followed by olive-related activities guided by Gino Celletti at the hotel. 

Villa Nai 3.3, lobby, photo by D. Fabijanić, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Day 4 features a private boat tour of Krka National Park and its famous waterfalls, where Nikola Tesla established the first hydroelectric plant in Europe during the “War of Currents”, with a 1-hour Monocultivar olive oil lesson by Gino Celletti on the ride there. The penultimate day of the trip includes a guided visit to the northernmost place on Dugi Otok Island, Veli Rat (the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic), and the famous Strašna Peć cave, which in 1904 was visited by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph. 

Villa Nai 3.3 room and the view, photo by D. Fabijanic, photo credit by Villa Nai 3.3

Day 5 ends with Gino Celletti’s book presentation at the hotel. The final day also features a boat tour around Dugi Otok Island guided by archaeologist Dr. Mate Parica, where the remains of the oldest living Dalmatian (Šime 11,000 years) were found, followed by a gala dinner and farewell speech by Villa Nai 3.3 owners Goran and Nives Morović. 

Villa Nai and its onwners Nives & Goran Morovic, photo by Tom Dubravec, photo credit by Villa

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