Pasta with cabbage is the real taste of childhood. This dish is a reminder of pleasant memories from childhood. It’s so easy to make, it’s delicious and it keeps you full for hours. What more can you ask for?  Here’s a simple recipe!


35 dg flour,50 dags fresh cabbage,2 onions,4 tablespoon bread crumbs, oil, pepper, salt


Knead the dough from flour, eggs, and salted water until smooth. Roll out the dough on flour coated surface with a rolling pin, cover with a clean napkin to dry, but not too dry to avoid breaking. Cut the dough into stripes, around 2 by 2 in size. Leave to dry. Bring to boil in heavily salted water. Rinse and fry in heated oil. Gently fry finely chopped onion, stir in chopped cabbage and saute until soft and nicely brown. Add salt, pepper, stir in pasta stripes. Once ready, serve pasta in a bowl and sprinkle with pan-fried bread crumbs.

Practical tip:

Once pasta is boiled, pour in a glass of cold water to stop cooking, remove from heat, rinse and dry.

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