Pašta-šuta is our name for a pasta dish with a minced meat-based sauce served with grated parmesan on top. Does it sound the same as Spaghetti Bolognese? The difference is just in preparation! We have prepared for you a homemade recipe for Dalmatian Paštašuta!


500 g spaghetti or pasta,200 g finely chopped or minced lamb,1 large onion,2 cloves of garlic,1 carrot,1 celery,1 parsley root, parsley bunch,500 g chopped tomato (homemade sauce or pelati tomatoes),100 ml red wine,5 ml olive oil, parmesan


Fry the finely chopped onion oil,  add the garlic and finely chopped roots of parsley, carrot, and celery. Skim the meat, chopped tomatoes and pour the water, add salt and pepper, then cook on a low temperature until the vegetables soften.
Add the wine, chop the parsley and leave for another 5 minutes. Mix the finished sauce with cooked spaghetti or some other pasta. Sprinkle spaghetti with parmesan and serve.

Practical tip:

Instead of canned tomatoes, use about 50 g tomato puree or ½ kg fresh ripe tomatoes.

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