Pazin Castle is the best best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria

Pazin might sound familiar to you, you’ve heard of Istria and maybe even stumbled across the name of Pazin, but did you know something more about this wonderful place in the islands of the Istrian peninsula?

Pazinština is a geographic and historical name for the mid part of Istria with Pazin as its center. Unlike the coastal towns, this part if Istria has a continental climate and vegetation. Farming has been developed, mainly viticulture and fruit growing and the surroundings of Pazin and river stream valleys are suitable for extensive agriculture. Livestock farming has grown only in modern times thanks to industrial production, especially poultry.
Historically, this area was under the governance of many feudatories, both church and civil which played a huge role in forming the identity of Pazin’s culture.

When you go to Croatia, do not miss Pazin!

One of the most famous attractions in Pazin is the Castle of Pazin, a well-defended fortress located on the edge of the Pazinčica river. It is also the biggest and the best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria. It was first mentioned in 983 in the deed of gift by Emperor Oton II, giving the castle to the Bishop of Poreč as a present. During the next two hundred years, the castle often changed its owners. The literature describes the first look of the fortress as the elongated two-floor building with a tower and a church with a small belfry built next to it. In time, the castle became a mighty masonry fort built by various owners throughout the Middle Ages and the New Era.

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