Plastic-free Croatia

Plastic-free Croatia is a project launched by a group of individuals with an aim that business organizations as an essential element of society, as a place of gathering individuals with different interests, age and gender contribute to the global fight against pollution of the sea and oceans with plastic waste. Croatia is a seaside country, and the Adriatic sea is our largest natural resource as it forms the basis of our entire tourism, meaning it is the source of livelihood for thousands of people.
In addition, the conservation of the Adriatic Sea is a strategic interest of every citizen, including businesses.

This initiative is primarily about companies, but we hope that their employees will transfer at least some of these habits into their private lives. One of the most important components of this and comparable initiatives is to educate and raise awareness among society regarding the problem of plastic waste pollution. The ultimate goal is to break away from the culture of using disposable products and the so-called “throw-away” society in which we currently live. By changing our habits, we will directly influence organizations that produce what we consume and move toward a circular economy where all products are designed to be repaired, reused, processed and ultimately reduce the amount of waste and garbage.

Business organizations have a significant impact on the culture of individuals, as nowadays, companies and brands dictate trends and behavior patterns. In the global economy, connectivity and networking are inevitable, which means businesses can together take concrete actions to solve one of the biggest global problems – plastic pollution.
To help business organizations and employees reduce their dependency on disposable plastics and help preserve our seas, we’ve compiled a list of realistic and achievable plastic-free behaviors and policies, and by adopting them, businesses will earn the status of one of the “PLASTIC-FREE” business organizations in Croatia and the world.

We believe that it is up to Croatia to set an example for others in the world of how we should treat natural resources. Together we can improve the condition of our planet and make it a better place to live for us as well as the generations to come.

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