Popular Christmas customs in Podravina

Saint Stephen is celebrated as the first Christian martyr for religion, and today is a symbol of the struggle for justice and forgiveness. It is celebrated in the Catholic Church on December 26th and is a state holiday in the Republic of Croatia and some other states. On the feast of St. Stephen, in Podravina,

Advent in Klovievi Dvori, photo by Julien Duval, photo credit by TBZ

known as „Štefanje“, housewives prepare a roasted goose for people who carry that name because it is a pretty often male and female name. It is important to note that pork was prepared for the New Year’s Eve, and it is not poultry, with the explanation that the pigs dig forward while the hen throws the dirt backward. It was believed that this custom would bring progress to the economy in the upcoming year.

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