For those who planned to start a diet this week- you may better skip this article!
Pork cracklings are a famous dish that can be found all around South to Eastern Europe in different variations.
They are an excellent snack but beware- it is high in calories, so you might want to watch how much you eat them.



5 kg raw white pig bacon,3 onions, milk, salt


Select raw white bacon from the back of the pig, because it contains the least meat. Remove the skin with a sharp knife. Cut the bacon into cubes about 2-3 centimeters in size, cut in equal sizes to allow them to burn at the same time. Put the cubes in a deep pot, on medium-sized heat. Once bacon releases fat, stir with a large wooden spoon. Once cracklings sizzle in fat, add chopped onion. Stir until they turn reddish, add milk. Milk provides nice color and crunchiness. Once the fat clears, remove the cracklings from the pot and drain. Pick them out carefully, for they might start to burn. Use potato masher on cracklings to make them dry and crunchy.

Practical tip:

Pork cracklings are served cold, sprinkled with salt before consuming. Serve cottage cheese, sour cream, and onion on the side.


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