PRINCIPOVAC where winemaking is art and lifestyle!

One of the best wine-growing position in continental Croatia is situated on the hill called Principovac, 3.5 kilometers away from Ilok.


At the time of Odescalchi princes, vineyards of Ilok cellar are grown and the family mansion was built.




The county estate dated from the 19th century is transformed into a tourist destination with a rich tourist offer. Principovac has a stunning view of Ilok, hills of Srijem and Bačka.




COUNTRY ESTATE „PRINCIPOVAC” where winemaking is art and lifestyle!

In a historical mansion is a luxury restaurant with a rich gastronomical offer of modern cuisine. It is based on authentic food prepared in a sophisticated fusion menu, which gives a guest approach to flavors of this area in a new way, blending wine by the glass with each new sequence of the dish.






Above the restaurant is located pavilion where you can enjoy wines and champagne Princeps and relax with your loved one. If you want to spend a few days enjoying serenity, Principovac has perfect luxurious and comfortable two bedroom apartment in the middle of the vineyard.



The Principovac estate offers a variety of recreation methods like walking through the vineyard roads, jogging, new assorted tennis court, badminton court and volleyball on the grass.


You can also learn to play golf with a golf trainer. Whether you are a true wine connoisseur or just on its way to become one when you taste the royal Traminer and superior Riesling you will be amazed.


Winemaking is art here and lifestyle!

At this point, the wine, the food, and the ambiance is hedonistic impulse and will make you feel „aristocratic” in a certain way!

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