Private travel in Croatia – the great experience

How great can it be?

No matter where you travel to, it’s always a big thing to gather as many memories and experiences. Surely you had trips and vacations from which you didn’t bring a good experience, but if you’re planning to visit Croatia, you can be completely sure that you will bring exciting memories and experiences, and we can help you with that task.
Planning is the key, and lucky for you, we gathered here some of our best tours to make sure you visit all the Croatian attractions and bring home the best impressions you can have.
Visiting the Croatian seaside is the key when traveling here, so look more on tours like…

Dubrovnik Croatia photo by Ivan Vukovic Vuka 8
Dubrovnik Croatia photo by Ivan Vukovic Vuka


The city of Dubrovnik is on UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and is definitely a magical holiday destination in the Mediterranean; especially famous for its Old Town because of its unique architecture, which is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Croatian Attractions Opatija 10
Opatija by Croatian Attractions


Opatija has this spirit inside it that somehow makes it a location that has attracted the members of elite society and those who know what true style and hedonism are.
Since its beginning as an elite tourist destination in the 19th century, Opatija has seemed to attract members of the jet set of that era and future generations of the elite members.

Mladen Radolovic Mrlja TZG Zadar male slike 19.04.2016 0266
St. Donatus, Zadar photo by Mladen Radolovic Mrlja , photo credit by Tb of Zadar


The sunsets are the best on the Adriatic in Zadar, while the sea plays Sea Organ, and where is the monument The Salutation to the Sun.

In the Middle Ages, Zadar became the essential free Dalmatian commune and the Dalmatia center in Byzantium, developed and strong as Venice. Excellent and proven Croatian warriors guarded the hinterland of Zadar, Adriatic islands, and other cities. In that protected period, the town was urbanized, developed shipbuilding. At the end of the 14th century, the Dominicans founded the first University on Croatian soil in Zadar.

Croatian attractions Split Diocletian palace 9
Diocletian palace, Split, Croatia by Croatian attractions


Diocletian Palace is one of the monumental historical sightings not only of Split but of Croatian historical and architectural treasures in general.
The built-in transition from 3rdto 4thcentury AD, it served as a place where Roman emperor Diocletian retired and spent most of his free time when on duty.

All fans of beautiful art know that it is rich in sacral architecture from various historical periods, which are all breathtaking. But something not many people know is the fact that in the heart of Dalmatia, its biggest city, Split is Europe’s oldest cathedral!

Amphitheatre in Pula Arena Istria Croatia photo by Matko M. Svarc
Amphitheatre in Pula Arena Istria Croatia photo by Matko M. Svarc


The city of Pula, located in the southwest region of the Istrian peninsula, has been Istria’s administrative center since Roman times. It has existed for over 3000 years and was founded on the hill Kaštel. City history began with the Romans because Pula had all the functions and structures typical of the Roman settlement of immigrants. In the 20th century, it developed into the largest Istrian city, most important for its industry and tourism.

Among the traditional tourist activities such as sightseeing, use up the opportunity and try out some of the best wines in Europe and combine them with worldwide known Croatian cuisine and maybe even learn how to prepare those dishes back home.

Croatian Attractions Oysters4
Oyster tasting, Mali Ston by Croatian Attractions

Oyster tasting

Imagine a tour: floating between oyster beds and harvesting oysters from the boat, tasting them fresh at one small island surrounded by untouched nature, Dalmatian macchia fragrance in the air, hearing nothing but waves and birds, drinking local wines and grappa and feeling like being on some other planet. Happy, peaceful planet

ILOK OLD CELLAR, photo credit by Ilok cellars

Ilok wine tasting

Ilok Cellars (Iločki podrumi) are guardians of Croatian wine tradition that dates back more than two millennia when it comes to our vineyard appellations Principovac and Vukovo.

The oldest wine in the archives of the Old Cellar of Ilok Cellars in Ilok is Traminer Premium wine from the 1974 harvest. Ilok Cellars wine, Traminer Ice Wine from the 2007 harvest, is in 19th place on the list of the 100 best wines in the world.

TRAKOSCAN CASTEL photo by Croatian Attractions

Zagorje gastro tour

Croatian Zagorje is known as the green gem of Croatia; together with its astonishing nature, this part of the country is well known for its delicacies.

To enjoy typical delicacies, you will taste the best of Zagorje cuisine at the local restaurant nearby Varaždin with an amazing panoramic view. Along with the most tasteful dishes of Zagorje, you will try the wine sorts of this area.

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Pelješac wine tasting

Pelješac Wine Tour takes you to the beautiful Pelješac peninsula. Located in the heart of South Dalmatia, close to Dubrovnik. This picturesque area is home to some of the most interesting red wines in Europe.

Croatian Attractions Tonkas kitchen2
Cooking class with Croatian Attractions

Croatian dishes cooking class

Croatian cuisine has become rich, versatile, and delicious.
When you meet a great cook, you want to copy exactly what she/he is doing, follow every step try to learn all about the process, and remember all the details.
And enjoying, all the time….looking, cooking and eating!

Great experiences consist of various interesting activities that jump out of the usual tourism box, so be sure to check out these unique, interesting tours too:

Krapina prehistoric tour

The richest collection of Neanderthal men in the world was gathered at Hušnjak Hill in Krapina in Hrvatsko Zagorje. Krapina Neanderthal Museum is one of the most modern and frequently visited museums in Croatia.  The museum exhibition represents a time machine, a journey from the most distant past of the Earth to modern times, with a special emphasis on the evolution of man and the significance of the discovery of early Krapina man.

NEANDERTHALS HUŠNJAKOVO CROATIA photo by TOMISLAV VEIC, photo credit by Krapina Neanderthal museum

King’s Landing Dubrovnik

The Game of Thrones series is about the war for the Seven Kingdom’s Iron Throne in the mythical Land of Westeros.
Dubrovnik was chosen for King’s Landing because of the producer’s desire to show more external shots of the coastal city surrounded by the city walls, which made the medieval Croatian fortress of Dubrovnik a perfect candidate.

Croatian attractions Game of Thrones header
Game of Thrones tay tour by Croatian attractions

Truffle hunting in Istria

The Istrian truffle triangle is between Pazin, Buje, and Buzet, were white and black truffles have their natural habitat, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun Forest. They grow underground, and they are searched after by specially trained dogs.

Fritaja with truffles photo by Andreja Pruša Horvatić
Fritaja with truffles photo by Andreja Pruša Horvatić

Electric car factory tour Samobor

Did you know that Nikola Tesla was born just 200km from the Rimac factory? His innovative spirit is still here. Experience our guided tours to learn how to create new technologies and supercars of the 21st century.


The secrets of Zagreb 

Zagreb – a medieval but modern European town, always has something for everyone’s taste. Every year, an increasing number of curious tourists visit our city, enjoy the offer and share experiences with their closest friends helping us to spread a good voice about this charming city destination

Tell us your wishes, and we’ll make them happen. Book some of the tours and have a truly fulfilled Croatian experience, the Great experience of Croatia!

Croatia Attractions – the highlights of your holiday!

St. Marks Square Zagre photo by Matko M. Švarc
St. Marks Square Zagre photo by Matko M. Švarc





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