Retirement in Croatia

Looking for a place to fully enjoy your retirement? You’ve found it in Croatia!

You’ll agree that there is no more fulfilling state of mind than knowing that you have an enormous amount of time to spend in any way you can imagine as long as you enjoy it as much as you can.
The location where you’ll spend your retirement will determine how that period of your life will mostly look like. Moody weather and dusty urban areas are no conditions for someone who worked their fair share of time and now wants to be surrounded by calming nature and healthy laid back mentality, all for a more than a reasonable price.

How about we tell you that you’re not dreaming or imagining anything?
Croatia is still an undiscovered little paradise where you can peacefully and safely enjoy your golden years. Owning a real estate in Croatia is no novelty to foreigners who recently discovered the pros of this Mediterranean jewel. Mild climate, tasty and healthy cuisine, low crime rates, fair prices and a friendly nation living in warm unity- these are the traits every person close to retiring will consider as crucial in creating an idyllic environment for themselves. So it’s no wonder more, and more people recognize Croatia as their ideal home far from huge cities filled with noise, traffic, danger and rush.

The most popular areas for retirees who bought real estate in Croatia were the ones on the Adriatic coast, mostly Istria, Kvarner, and Dalmatia. The prices of real estate there is still considerably lower than in most of Europe so grab your chance while you can and research all you need for your future home. If you’re more a mountain type of person, Lika region might just be a place for you. Located on the inner side of the coast, Lika has recently started attracting newcomers in search of their little piece of paradise for even lower prices than on the coast. Now that’s an opportunity you can’t miss!

Still not convinced Croatia is the right place for your future?
Book a tour and make yourself sure you’re doing the right thing!

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