Retirement in Istria

As we grow older, we realize that we’ll have a more prolonged life with more choices how to spend it, unlikemany previous generations. Retirement is no longer a scary period that people fear of.
Today, retirement is looked upon as something valuable and well-deserved, which it is!
Living your golden years at your best is imperativebecause you have worked hard to get to that point in life where all you have to think about is enjoying all the time that is waiting for you around the corner.

Rovinj by Andreja Pruša Horvatić

So what would be your next logical step towards the probably most beautifuland fulfilling period of your lifetime?
If we may suggest, deciding on the location of where you will spend your retirement is crucial, as it withdraws all the other content that may be of your interest.

So what would your dream resort for retirement look like?
Clean air, peaceful environment, amazing and calming nature, historical sites and Mediterranean climate mixed with the vicinity of the sea…..does it soundstoo good to be true?
Probably, at first, but, what if we tell you that this is exactly the description of Istria?


Istria has shown to be a perfect spot for many Croatians, and, a few years back, many foreigners too! Either you see yourself in coastal heavens like PulaPorečRovinj or maybe somewhere in the islandsof the Istrian peninsula,  such as Pazin…..there is no wrong answer, you can be sure you have chosen the perfect spot to spend your most fulfilleddays in the most perfect environment imaginable.


Still, Istria is not discovered yet as many foreign locations which giveit this highlight of intimacy and peace, which we believe anyone who is retired is looking forward to.

Saint Andrew Island, Rovinj, Istra, Croatia

In addition, even the real estate prices are lower than in the most places of that kind around the Mediterranean, which gives you an excellent opportunity to make a wise decision and make an investment that will even your grandchildren thank you for.

Interested in spending your retirement in Istria? Take a look at our galleries and let your imagination work!


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