Rijeka County

Rijeka is the largest city on the northern Adriatic. Also, Rijeka is the largest Croatian port and a significant cultural, university, economic, commercial, and transport center of the north Adriatic. This region also has its tourist magnet – Opatija.
But there is Trsat – a pilgrimage destination and many smaller coastal towns that make this destination more and more interesting for tourists from all over the world every day.
Hilton Costabella Croatia Rijeka photo credit by Hilton Costabella

Hilton Costabella Beach & Resort

Imagine the very heart of Kvarner bay, surrounded by soaring mountains and nature parks of Učka and Risnjak, with cobalt-blue waters of the bay around it…  Imagine a piece of Earth right there, settled between the charming town of Opatija…
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The Routes of the Croatian noble family Frankopan

Grobnik Castle, Croatia, The Routes of the Frankopans. photo credit by Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Castles, fortified towns above the sea, endowments… Battles, victories and defeats, diplomatic games and conspiracies, personal dramas, and national turning points… If you start from Krk,…
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Photo credit by Halubajski Zvončari Viškovo


Zvoncari pul Marceji 1929 original, Photo credit by Halubajski Zvončari – Viškovo     Do you know who are HALUBAJSKI ZVONČARI/ HALUBIAN BELL RINGERS? Enveloped in sheepskin and a large bell on their lower back, with special masks of large…
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Rijeka is European Capital of Culture

EPK, RIJEKA 2020 On the first day of February 2020, Rijeka marked its place on the map of the European Capitals of Culture alongside cities whose citizens feel at home anywhere in Europe for good. Nestled between the Mediterranean, Central…
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By Dguendel GFDL http www.gnu .orgcopyleftfdl.html or CC BY 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0 from Wikimedia Commons

Opatija, a spot for glamorous events

Opatija has this spirit inside it that somehow makes it a location that has attracted the members of elite society and those who know what true style and hedonism are. Since its beginning as an elite tourist destination in the…
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Croatian Attractions Opatija 10

Architecture of Opatija

 The tourist development of Opatija began in 1844 when a classical “villa Angelina” was built, and tourism experienced a sudden rise after 1880 when the whole area was bought by the Southern Railway Company. At that time Opatija has numerous…
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Croatian Attractions Opatija 15

A short history of Opatija

In our introduction to Opatija, a romantic shelter for all those who enjoy beauty, nature, and peace, we gave you a glimpse of what this little coastal town is mainly about. But how did the historical path of Opatija go…
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Opatija- a romantic shelter

Northern Adriatic is like a rare jewel. Hidden and hard to find sometimes but just adorable when you discover it. It is the exact reason why Opatija, a peaceful little town at the door of Istrian peninsula, holds the title „The…
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