If you are a meat lover, you must have wondered how to roast a wonderfully juicy lamb? Try our recipe for delicious well-roasted lamb and change the custom of preparing this specialty only for the holidays!


one whole lamb, grained salt (2% of lamb wight), lard


The secret of well-roasted lamb lies in Croatian locally cultivated lamb, from the regions of Pag, Cres, Rab, Lika, Dalmatian coast, Istria, and Žumberak. Gently sear into the meat a fistful of grained salt that should be around 2% of lambs weight, inside and outside 2-3 hours before roasting or the night before. Once the lamb is positioned on the spit, make small cuts with a knife on loins and shoulder, which are softest parts of the body, stuff the cuttings with salt, as well as the insides. The lamb must be firmly positioned, one leg is pinned through the joints of the other. Sew the insides with large nails and tie legs together with a wire. The meat should be roasted 60 cm above the coal, avoid open flame. Once the meat is heated (after an hour), sweep more coal under loins and shoulder. Depending on its size, roast 2-3 hours. The meat is done when its thickest part of the body is skewered and juices do not run out. During roasting, coat the meat with grease. The coating varies from region to region. In Dalmatian coast, Istria and on islands, it is made from a rosemary branch dipped in olive oil. In Lika, a tablespoon of lard is bundled in a gauze. The meat skin is coated with the drenched gauze every half an hour. The skin can also be smeared with bacon. Some variations include basking with beer, but too much liquid can ruin the subtle taste of lamb.

Practical tip:

Serve the dish preferably with homemade coal-oven baked bread, baked spring potato wedges, spring onion and tomato salad.

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