Sailing in Croatia is MUST!

Are you a fan of sailing? Croatia is an ideal destination! Beautiful natural beaches, various bays, small fishing villages, National parks, and a wealth of islands and islets make our country truly special!

The best time for the sailing season is late spring (April-June) and early autumn (September-October) or better known as the off-peak season. Avoid crowds and enjoy a pleasant climate!

The nautical infrastructure in Croatia is excellent! Croatia has a long tradition of welcoming sailors. There are about 50 well-organized marinas together offering 16,000 berths in the sea and 8500 moorings on land and are scattered all over the Croatian coast; 21 of them launched by ACI (Adriatic Club International) and the rest privately owned.

If you rent a boat for the first time, it would be best to prepare the necessary information and inquiries and to consult with one of the charter companies. Please note that you need a skipper if you are not qualified to drive and if you do not have a valid VHF license. If you are not a beginner and you know which boat you would like to rent, you can already start planning your vacation and prepare for sailing in Croatia!

The Adriatic Sea hides a lot of peaceful coves, and the magical locations and crystal clear water will make your cruise genuinely divine! Experience the ultimate sailing experience and free your time for a deserved vacation in the early fall. Reductions in the number of tourists will give you a dream vacation but make sure to choose places that are only accessible by boat, and that is how you will ensure a more intimate experience of all the beauty of our country.

Experience the magic of the Adriatic Sea...feel the fresh air while listening to the waves and sailing the stunning coastline!



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