Samograd „Cave Air” is the most original souvenir

Being a complex of clean nature, Cave Park Grabovača offers a variety of experiences and values in an ecological, scientific, esthetic, and educational sense. Grabovača is a cave park located in Perušić, Croatia. It is the elevation of the mid-Velebit, which is situated between the Lika karst plains and fields in Perusic, 2 km from the center of Perušić. It is located at 770 m above sea level near the karst basin of the river Lika.

Park has designed an original souvenir for sale – cave air. With this souvenir, they want to popularize speleology and speleo tourism originally and creatively.

„Cave Air” is the original product/souvenir collected in the karst subterranean cave Samograd.

Have you ever heard of such an interesting souvenir?

Cave air, souvenir
photo credit by M.paral.Foto


The cave has microclimatic conditions. Samograd Cave has clean air and is allergen-free without ozone and with a high concentration of negative ions.

The microclimate of the cave is characterized by a stable temperature and high relative humidity, all of which have a positive effect on health. The air collection process takes a long time because every bottle is filled manually.

‘Cave air’ souvenir
photo credit by M.paral.Foto

Spending time in nature has a positive influence on mental and physical health. Therefore, visit the cave Samograd and the only cave park in Croatia, and as a small reminder, buy this original souvenir – a bottle of pure cave air.

In order not to spend all the air from the cave, only 200 bottles of pure cave air can be produced annually.

The ultimate goal is to create a “Museum” of air, exhibitions with bottles filled with air from around the world. So far the exhibition has two bottles, one bottle from Samograd cave, the other bottle is from Split (the donation of Slobodna Dalmacija’s editorial board, with whom they came up with the idea of “museum” and air). Therefore, we invite you to bring a bottle of air from your country when you come to visit this magnificent cave!

Grabovača cave

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