SCUM-A Croatian survival game worth 17 million euros!

You might have heard about many things that Croatians did in the fields of innovations and science. From Ruđer Bošković and Faust Vrančić centuries ago to Mate Rimac today, Croatia keeps giving miracles in these fields every now and then.
After the triumph of Rimac Automobiles in Geneva and further, another team of young and smart people has put Croatia on the map of technology once again – Gamepires studio and Croteam with their hit video game SCUM.

The plot of the game is basically revolving around prisoners on an island that in most of its parts resembles Brač (which was also the inspiration for the scenography in the game) and the prisoners are in the middle of a “Big Brother” kind of cruel game and the winner takes it all, of course.
SCUM has passed a million copies sold and is estimated to have generated nearly 17 million euros in revenue!
Very soon after entering the digital offer of Steam (owned by Valve), SCUM hit first place in Early Access sales and got the Top Seller tag.

The developers said that they plan on making more extensions for the game as well as they are looking for more people to hire and the gaming community is already excited.
We hope to hear more great news from our young gaming companies and their projects!


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