Traditional silk production in Konavle

Let us show you something really different and unique! This is totally STAYLICIOUS CROATIA!

Few minutes south of Dubrovnik is the ancient Roman settlement of Cavtat and the Konavle valley-the very southernmost part of Croatia before it meets the coastline and mountainous terrain of Montenegro. Combining Cavtat and Konavle makes a wonderful day tour that takes you from a historic seaside village into the hidden interior of KOnavle.

Cavtat, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Cavtat & Konavle
Cavtat, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Cavtat & Konavle

Cavtat’s past, present, and future are very closely tied to Dubrovnik, and this historically rich area is a delight – its Old Town is full of narrow streets and cobbled alleys, and its serpentine waterfront promenade that frames a picturesque harbor is simply charming. After visiting Cavtat, we continue into the beautiful interior of the area known as the Konavle. Framed by the southern mountains of Herzegovina and Montenegro, its small population lives in some 32 picturesque villages scattered across this south-eastern part of Croatia.

Sericulture in Konavle

The traditional silk production; Konavle, Croatia

The silk used to be a status symbol. Only royalties and some rich people could afford silk. So enjoy this unique chance to see how the story of Silk starts. Traditional silk production or just Sericulture in Konavle …. a centuries-old craft …one of the most important and almost forgotten aspects of tradition and cultural heritage of this region…


From a cocoon to silk


The sericulture-traditional silk production in Konavle, Croatia

Silk production in Konavle has successfully resisted the challenges of global industrialism in the 18th and 19th centuries and has revived, nowadays, as a family tradition in several households in this area. We invite you to visit and take part in this ancient craft of producing silk threads in the most traditional manner… From a cocoon to silk… Konavle – the cradle of sericulture. Sericulture – identity and cultural heritage of Konavle.


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A traditional silk production in Konavle, Croatia


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