Shpitza of Zagreb

Zagreb, Flower square (5) , by Matko M. Švarc

Have you ever heard about Zagreb’s Shpitza?
No? No problem. Just make sure that you arrange and plan your stay in Zagreb on Saturday, and you will experience The Shpitza!

Zagreb is a relatively small European city and its not a secret that people know each other, as they used to go clubbing together, went to same concerts, sports matches, high schools or lived at the same part of the town. We, Purgers (common name for people originally from Zagreb) know each other, maybe not by name but; I know her and she knows him who knows them.

Zagreb, Bogovićeva street, by Matko M. Švarc

Zagreb, Flower square (2) , by Matko M. Švarc

When in Zagreb do what Purgers do. They do Shpitza.

Shpitza is in Bogoviceba street and Gayeva and Flower Square.
In the last 25 years, Zagreb became almost double in size as many people come to live in the capital of Croatia. That changed well preserved Zagreb core, but at the same time, enriched the city by all means. Now, Purgers would say – there is no more Zagreb. Well, maybe, but today Zagreb has almost million of inhabitants and looks modern and vivid, and I’m absolutely sure you won’t find so many coffee shops with stunning terraces nowhere in the world. Coffee in Croatia is socializing and doing business and to be seen. But, you’ll have maybe the best cup of coffee in you live in Zagreb. Purgers know good coffee.

Zagreb, Bogovićeva street(5) by Matko M. Švarc

Trust me. It seems that coffee and terraces are competing daily trying to become even more attractive. We can also compare terraces with Zagreb’s women. Yes!
Women in Zagreb are the most beautiful women in the world. If anyone tells you something else, you can calmly reply with; go and see for yourself.
And a lot of these women are ’dotepenci’ or the closest translation would be newcomers in the last 25 years. Who cares?! They walk through Zagreb and look beautiful in my hometown.

Zagreb, Flower square (3) , by Matko M. Švarc

But, let’s get back to Shpitza! The original meaning of word Špica is the sharp peak of a triangle. Right! The top. So, Shpitza is Zagreb’s Top Promenade. There is nothing like Shpitza in Croatia. Every Saturday morning Shpitza become The Runaway. So, if visiting Zagreb make sure that one of the days you stay in my hometown is Saturday. You can thank me later.

Zagreb, Bogovićeva street(2) by Matko M. Švarc

I’ll repeat myself; come and see!
Zagreb’s Shpitza is THE Must in Croatia!

See you at Shpitza!

Zagreb, Bogovićeva street(6) by Matko M. Švarc


Zagreb, Flower square (2) , by Matko M. Švarc


Zagreb, Flower square (1) , by Matko M. Švarc

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