On sweltering days like today…the name you should bear in mind is Slava Raškaj 🙂

The swimming near Munjara in Ozalj

The city bath, at the base of the old power plant, was named after the painter Slavi Raškaj, who was happy to come to the Kupa river and watched the Old Town and the beautiful end along the coast. To this Ozalj born, a famous Croatian painter, the Kupa River was the inspiration and frequent motif of her watercolors.
With the support of the Ministry of Tourism, “Slave Raškaj Outdoor Bath” is equipped with a new sanitary node, dressing rooms, luxury solar shower set, utility connections, access road, parking, and plateaus.

This is the invitation you can’t miss! 

The Swimming area Slava Raškaj in Ozalj

From recreational facilities, you can play volleyball, football, rafting, and for those who want a bit more, they can also make a fire and grill, but only on spots for that purpose.

In addition to the swimmers, who are coming to the newly renovated bathing area in increasing numbers, this part of the Kupa River is also attractive to fishermen. The river is here shallower because of the dam than and the bottom is rocky and therefore suitable for big fish catching.

In the course of the implementation, it is planned to register a well-kept bathing resort that will become the central gathering place of all generations during the summer, along with sports and recreational, entertainment and cultural art activities.

Kupa River in Ozalj

We invite you all to our Outdoor Swimming Pool with a View :-), cool down during the hot summer days in the Ozalj center.

Address – Trška Cesta bb




The swimming Area Slava Raškaj

Outdoor activities at Slava Raškaj swimming area in Ozalj

The swimming area in Ozalj

Outdoor activities at Slava Raškaj swimming area


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