Slavonski Brod (Posavina)

Medvedgrad, photo by J. Duval, photo credit by TB of Zagreb

Near the city of Zagreb, close to every heart

It’s easier for two – that’s why Zagreb Tourist Board and the Krapina-Zagorje County Tourist Board collaborate in the campaign “Near the city, close to the heart” in which Zagreb and Zagorje are promoted together for the first time through…
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The Gere winery, Hungarian Baranja, photo by

Baranja – the land of wine

‘The land of wine’ stretches throughout Baranja, like its name, suggests ‘mother of wine’, because in Hungarian, ‘bor’ means wine, and ‘anya’ is a mother. It seems like a sea- although not in color reminiscent of the sea. The Gere winery,…
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TABLE FOR TWO, photo by croatia2go

A True story of secret table for two in Croatia

I believe there are no women and many men who haven’t exhaled WOOW watching romantic scenes when dinner was served for just two in a restaurant that night was just theirs! TABLE FOR TWO, photo by croatia2go A table for…
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The old town, Čakovec, Međimurje, Croatia, photo credit by archives of TB of Čakovec

Međimurje jewel ČAKOVEC

Međimurje is always a story. Sometimes it is a story about the most delicate cake, Međimurska gibanica; sometimes it is an excellent pumpkin oil, sometimes Pušipel and Štrigova or Mura, but always the main actors are the people, hardworking people…
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Fort George, Vis, Croatia, photo credit, by Fort George

A View from Fort George to the Bay of Vis

Croatians love Vis as well as all the guests that visit it every season.  Srebrna Bay, Vis Island, Croatia, photo by Aleksandar Gospic, photo credit by Tourist Board of Croatia Vis –  Adriatic Nautical tourism jewel When the Yugoslav army…
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“Bus on the move” – Eco-Museum “Međimurje malo”

Eco-Museum “Međimurje malo” has become a symbol of the gastronomic scene’s cultural, historical, natural heritage, and wealth. As a fragmented museum, it shows the essential values ​​of Međimurje and, through interpretation, turns them into an authentic experience. Mlin na Muri/Mill…
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Tea Jurišić, The Street Triptych project, photo credit by Ernest Mazarekić and Bruno Vranić

Three talented ladies author of new street art in Zagreb

The street art scene is richer again in Zagreb, where Rearrange My Pump Association and the Zagreb Tourist Board collaborate on the Street Triptych project. The Street Triptych project This time, selected Zagreb street panels were painted by three talented…
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Wooden toys, mini villages, Porcijunkolovo, Čakovec, Međimurje, Croatia, photo credit by archives of Porcijunkulovo

“Porcijunkulovo” of Međimurje

‘Porcijunkulovo’ is a word that even Croatians cannot pronounce without provoking the laughter of the people of Međimurje. However, at the end of July, visitors from all parts of Croatia and beyond come to the largest cultural and tourist event…
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St Peter Cathedral, Đakovo, Croatia, photo by Vladimir Franolić, photo credit by Đakovo TB

The Cathedral of St. Peter in Đakovo

The St. Peter’s Cathedral’s construction (1866–1882) is the most crucial event in the cultural history of Đakovo and one of the most essential Croatian construction projects of its time. Pope John XXIII described it; The most beautiful Cathedral between Venice and…
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RMH LAFODIA SEA RESOERT; LOPUD ISLAN; CROATIA, photo credit by Lafodia Sea Resort


Every country has its jewels. Some of them would be in shiny touristic magazine covers, about some others you’ll hear from your friends. Still, some remind hidden treasure, off the bitten path for a long time, known for some lucky…
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Courtyards, Zagreb, Croatia-j-duval-592bebad13166.jpg


“COURTYARDS” – a famous, internationally recognized Zagreb cultural and tourist event for the next ten days for the seventh time. The project “grew” from Upper Town/Gornji grad – its localities, themes, stories, and traditions. Its unique concept and creative approach…
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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

E pur si muove in Međimurje

Every day, Međimurje records an increasing number of visitors who are eager to ‘move.’ today, we spend more and more time sitting and less and less in nature. Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash And yet it moves For those…
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Bugatti RImac, photo credit by Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac – a major milestone in supercars history

On 5 July 2021 in DUBROVNIK, Croatia –Rimac Automobili announced a major milestone in its history. It combines forces with the iconic automotive brand, Bugatti Automobiles, to create a new automotive and technological powerhouse. In just 10 years, Rimac Automobili has progressed from…
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Captain's House restaurant, Mali Ston, Croatia, photo credit by Captain's House

The Captain’s House at Mali Ston

Traditional cuisine that was once enjoyed by Ston princes, castellans, nobles is now proudly served to statesmen, jet setters. The fresh oysters and other shellfish, fish pate, fish, lobsters, fish salads, risottos, homemade bread, and the inevitable olive oil with…
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Ponta Lopud film festival, photo by Zoran Marinović,, Croatia

PONTA LOPUD – a new film festival in a new place

Croatian island Lopud with its stunning beauty and uncomparable Mediterranean charm has become the home of a brand new international film festival Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, Co-founder and organizer of the festival, said Lopud is the festival’s exciting content to connect…
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The Rizman vinery, Croatia, photo credit by Rizman vinery

The Rizman winemaking story

It has begun as a challenge, turned into love, and developed into complete devotion to the art of winemaking. The Rizman vinery, Croatia Rizman winery makes original and authentic winemaking story always striving to meet the highest wine production standards.…
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Zagreb is all around Zagreb city

Summer in Zagreb!? Or autumn, winter, or spring? Everybody loves Zagreb. Zagreb is a lovable city, the city with the heart. Whenever we speak about Zagreb, it’s always the city center. Jarun Lake, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by J. Duval, photo…
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Harmony Villa, Split, Croatia, photo by Ivan Isevic Ivan, photo credit by Villa Harmony

A Harmony for all – A Harmony of all

Split is always seeking a new hotel. It’s tough to find a nice hotel, reasonable prices, good location (walking distance from the old town, if possible), with the beach nearby… That would be great! Harmony Villa, Split, Croatia, photo by…
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The Wine city festival Zagreb, 2021, photo by Domagoj Miletić

The Wine city in Zagreb!

The famous wine festival Wine City has finally arrived in Zagreb. After twelve highly successful editions of this festival in other cities in Croatia, it will be held in Zagreb for a full 10 days in Dr. Franjo Tuđman Park. From 10 to…
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Golden Horizon, photo by Brodosplit, Split, Croatia

The largest clipper Golden Horizon departs from Split

The “Golden Horizon”, a 162-meter long square-rigged cruise ship built in Brodosplit shipyard, departed to Great Britain where the first guests will board it.   Golden Horizon, photo by Brodosplit, Split, Croatia The “Golden Horizon”,  a replica of the famous sailing…
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The wine cellar of the Đakovo-Osijek Archdiocese, Croatia, photo by Denis Despot, photo credit by TB of Slavonia and Baranja

A Wine Heaven in Slavonia and Baranja

In Slavonia and Baranja, you will find the largest wine cellar, largest vineyard, giant barrel, top boutique wineries, and unforgettable sights and aromas. What should you do? You should ‘Head on East’, to the head-on-East-ic Wine Heaven of Croatia. 24. Vino…
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RIMAC NEVERA/Storm, photo credit by Rimac Automobili, CRoatia

Nevera – record-breaking hypercar by Rimac Automobili

Rimac Automobili, unveiled the Nevera, an all-electric, 1914hp, 258mph, €2m hypercar designed and engineered to unleash an unprecedented level of performance. “This is it. This is the car I had in mind when I embarked on the ‘impossible’ journey ten years ago.…
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Zagreb simbols, photo by Matko M. Švarc


Zagreb City Tourist Board organizes free guided tours of the city in the Croatian language, but feel free to join and enjoy. Our fellow citizens will gladly help you with the translation. Petrica Kerempuh Square, Opatovina, Upper town, Zagreb, Croatia,…
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Matulov Grunt (presentation) in the Ecomuseum 'međimurje malo', Čakovec, Croatia, photo by

The Ecomuseum Međimurje malo

Ecomuseum ‘Međimurje malo/ A Little Međimurje’ presents ten attractive topics at its ten original locations. At each location are arranged or will be ‘special’ interpretation centers. Ecomuseum ‘Međimurje malo‘ is the first such project in Croatia, and it covers these…
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Deluxe superior categoty of cruise ship by Katarina Line

The Adriatic sea cruises by Katarina Line

Experience the true Croatia Katarina Line is the leading DMC in Kvarner – Croatia. The premier small ship cruise company offers weekly guaranteed departures from April to mid-October from the major tourist centers, Opatija, Split, and Dubrovnik, with a fleet…
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The confluence of the Drava and the Danube, photo by Denis Despot, photo credit by Tb Osijek sand baranja county

Head on East to Slavonija and Baranja

Head on East or Hedonist ? In Croatia, in Slavonia and Baranja, it means the same! Baranja gatori, Croatia, photo by Nenad Milić, photo credit by Osijek and Baranja TB Much less recognized than some other parts of Croatia, Slavonia…
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HOG RACE, Međimurje, Čakovec, Croatia, photo credit by HOG RACE

The HOG RACE festival in Međimurje

Re-charge by Nature. It’s a worldwide trend! But this time…a bit different! If you know ‘what’ is a hog, that’s halfway, Let’s cross (literally 🙂 to the other side …to.. The HOG RACE HOG RACE, Međimurje, Čakovec, Croatia, photo credit by…
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Residence Groznjan by San Canzian, Istria, Croatia

San Canzian Residence Grožnjan

series: Staycation in Croatia is Staylicious Residence Groznjan by San Canzian, Istria, Croatia,photo credit by San Canzian As you know, we adore Istria. Everybody does. It’s incredible its resemblance with Tuscany in Italy. Istria is located on the northern peninsula…
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Nikola Tesla exhibition, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by

Franjo Hanaman – the father of lightbulbs

In the atmosphere of the exhibition ‘Hrvatska svijetu’ or ‘Croatia to the world,’ in Zagreb’s Meštrović Pavilion – let us recycle our story of The Father of the Bulb. Mr. Franjo Hanaman. You’ve all heard of Nikola Tesla, a Croatian-born…
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Penkala, set made by Slavoljub Penkala, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by croatia2go, at Croatia to the World exibition

Penkala – we have it every day in our hand to write

Penkala set made by Slavoljub Penkala, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by croatia2go, at Croatia to the World exhibition Eduard Slavoljub Penkala is one of the essential inventors from the beginning of the 20th century was born on April 20, 1871, in…
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Photo by Ozren K

A New exciting tour of Zagreb

series; Staycation Croatia is Staylicios Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash Recently Croatian Attractions travel agency presented a very drinkable and eatable tour of Zagreb. The name of the tour is the Craft beer revolution tour Of Zagreb! Well, well, well! Craft…
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Brijuni National park, Croatia, photo by Ivo Biocina, photo credit by Tourist Board of Croatia.(2) jpg

A World National Park Week 

From 17th till 25th of April is Worlds National Park Week.  There are 8 national parks in Croatia; Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Brijuni, Risnjak, Velebit, Mljet, Kornati and Paklenica. Let’s check which one you like the most? Sastavci in fall, Photo credit…
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Newark Liberty International Airport Parking, Newark, United States

Welcome dear Americans

A prestigious American United Airlines is launching a route to Croatia. It was announced today at the press conference of this airline! Staycation in Croatia has been confirmed Newark Liberty International Airport Parking, Newark, United States United will operate to…
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Island Visovac, Krka National Park, Croatia photo credit by Krka NP

What you should know about National Parks in Croatia

There are 8 National Parks in Croatia: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak and North Velebit. Here you’ll find the most useful information about national parks, entrance fees and more. Plitvice National Park, photo by Zoran Jelača PLITVICE…
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Maslina Resort, Stari Grad, Hvar Island, Croatia, INTERIOR, photo by Nikola Radovanić

Balance yourself at Maslina Resort on Hvar island

It’s always something fascinating when presenting a new hotel. But when I get the tingling sensation all over my body, that’s the excitement of the true story. I read all bio interviews of the people who created the resort and today…
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Stiniva bay, Vis island, photo by Ivo Biočina, photo credit by Tourist Board of Croatia

A Staycation in Croatia is staylicious 

Korcula’s Marco Polo inspired many world travelers. The journey enriches, makes you happy, teaches, and brings new experiences and friendships. No one can ever steal your travel memories. Some unexpected things can remind you of a journey, such as a…
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Croatia, Photo by Sime Jadresin on Unsplash

Now You can Go to Croatia for holidays 🙂

Passengers coming directly from countries of the European Union, or the Schengen area, and who are currently in the so-called green list of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regardless of citizenship, will be allowed entry into the…
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Mali Lošinj, Lošinj Island, Croatia, photo by Andreja Pruša Horvatić

Mali Lošinj – Lussino

Mali Lošinj successfully holds a position of significant maritime, commercial, and tourist center. The largest island town on the Adriatic, located on the south side of the island Lošinj, is one of the main tourist centers in Croatia. Many factors…
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Pisanica is a decorated Croatian Easter egg

The tradition of decorating eggs of all kinds may go all the way back to the ancient pagans. It’s easy to see why eggs represent rebirth and life, so associating them with spring and new growth isn’t much of a…
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Easter dishes in Croatia

  Easter is no exception when it comes to delicious food which we serve to gather around our family and friends. Croatia as a country with strong Christian tradition has always been evolving all kinds of variations of what kind…
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Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Dyeing Easter eggs is an intangible Croatian tradition

As Easter just almost here, it would be a shame not to present something that is an intangible Croatian tradition and a part of every Croatian family that celebrates Easter. Photo by Monika-Grabkowska at Unsplash The intangible Croatian tradition The  “pisanica” is…
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Gold found in the Drava river, Međimurje, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Međimurje


Series; A Staycation in Croatia is Staylicious The money lies on the road, they say. You just need to bend over. In Međimurje in Donji Vidovac – it has been proven, with gold prospecting. Gold prospectors in Međimurje, Croatia, photo…
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Bible and olive brunch, Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Traditional Easter festivities in Croatia

  Bible and olive brunch, Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash   Washing your face with flower petals on Cvjetnica (in Croatian), Flower Sunday, Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday or the Great Saturday is one of the customs that…
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Meneghello Palmizana, south bay

Palmižana, a hell of an Island

Once upon a time… is the best start of all stories…So let it be! Meneghello Palmizana, how it was, Meneghello family private photo archive The story I’m going to tell is still alive and kicking. It’s the story of my…
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Croatian national flag, photo credit by Croatian Attractions & K2

Welcome to Croatia digital nomads

Remote workers from all around the world can now turn Croatia into their new office. As of January 1st, 2021, Croatia has joined a small group of countries that started welcoming digital nomads by granting them 12-month residence permits. Jan…
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The “exhibition in the move” in Zagreb

After the summer event ‘Art Park’, the association ‘Rearrange my pump’ starts a new project, ‘Street Triptych’, to enrich Zagreb’s streets with small street art masterpieces. This unique “exhibition in the move” will turn street panels into a “living” painting…
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Croatia to the World -a unique multimedia exhibition

A unique multimedia exhibition has been set up in the beautiful Meštrović pavilion, Croatia to the World. 1500 exhibits and 38 greats who contributed to the development of the entire world history. It seems that what we collect, publish and…
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Tattoos – a Croatian tradition

traditional-tattoo People have been decorating their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. It was a tradition among many tribes, cultures, and nations who gave their tattoos for spiritual, patriotic, or healing reasons, depending on the culture and era. Even…
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Kingsway and Rimac, showroom in Shanghai, photo credit by Rimac Automobili

The first Rimac showroom opened in Shanghai

Rimac Automobili made a significant expansion of partners’ international network thanks to a new relationship with Kingsway Group as its official partner in Greater China.  Kingsway and Rimac, showroom in Shanghai, photo credit by Rimac Automobili Mate Rimac, the company’s…
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Archive of the Cultural Center Klanjec

Sarcophagi of Emmerich and Sigismund Erdödy

This year’s Museum Night called “Possible Impossible,” which took place this year under ‘COVID’ circumstances, was the occasion for opening the forthcoming permanent exhibition, a sarcophagus estate at Klanjec Cultural Center. Although not everything is completed. The exhibition brings a…
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Kabola Winery, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Kabola

The Kabola Winery named Destination of the Year

Travel & Hospitality Award is presented each year by an independent jury made up of travel enthusiasts, bloggers, influencers, and tourism experts. The prestigious international award for 2021 has arrived in one of the most beautiful wineries into winery Kabola in…
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Lauda Europe is opening a new base in Zadar

We are pleased to publish a Times of  Malta article According to reports, Malta-registered airline Lauda Europe, a subsidiary of the Ryanair Group, is opening a new base in Zadar, Croatia, in May. Two Airbus A320s will be operated from…
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Art Hotel, Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo credit by Art Hotel

Introducing the Art Hotel Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik boasts another hotel in its collection. Introducing the Art HotelA Hidden gem surrounded by pure nature, overlooking the fantastic Adriatic Sea and Petka hill.  A renovated hotel with an exciting history situated in the heart of lovely Lapad Bay –…
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Forum, Zadar, Croatia, photo by Filip Brala, photo credit by TB of Zadar city

Zadar – a city that always fascinates

There is something miraculous in the city of Zadar that has flourished in the last 30 years, with a new target port in Gaženica, fantastic resorts near the city, excellent restaurants, a respectable university, and some of the most beautiful…
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Shooping street, Trgovačka cesta, Petrinja, Croatia

Petrinja like it once was

The whole world saw the terrible damage caused by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake on Decemer 29th 2020.  to the small town of Petrinja near Sisak and only 50 km away from Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Petrinja, Croatia Thanks to the…
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Varazdin, Korzo, Croatia, photo credit by TZGV

Varaždin was the capital of Croatia

Varaždin is one of the cities you mustn’t miss when you are in Croatia.  It’s located on the banks of the Drava River and is surrounded by Zagorje, Podravina, Štajerska, and Međimurje. The city center of Varaždin, Croatia, photo credit…
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Mali Zagreb/Little Zagreb, photo by Filip Filković

A Little Zagreb by Philatz

Filip Filković makes amazing Little Zagreb with his camera and a lot of imagination and skill. To us, people from Zagreb, Zagreb is always beautiful, no matter how much we keep silent about it! But Filip Filković Philatz decided to…
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Putniković, First Croatian Museum of Viticulture and Enology, Pelješac, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Ston

Peljesac wine museum

The new values ​​brought by tourism and traditional grapes and wine production created the idea of a Museum in the Cooperative House building in Putniković. Putniković, First Croatian Museum of Viticulture and Enology, Pelješac, Croatia, photo credit by TB of…
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Navis design hotel, Croatia,)Kvarner bay, photo credit by Navis

A Coordinates of enjoyment – Hotel Navis

Hotel Navis is an exclusive 5-star hotel of unique and original architecture and design. Designed by one of the most famous Croatian architects and offers 44 accommodation units: 40 Superior Rooms and 4 Superior Suites. The Room with THE view,  Opatija,…
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Advent Zagreb 2020

Zagreb Advent in the vesture of COVID

This year’s Advent in Zagreb will light the first Advent candle on November 8 and last until January 1. The Zagreb Tourist Board has prepared appropriate programs following the competent health authorities’ recommendations and to prevent the spread of COVID…
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Meeting with PM, photo credit by Jan de Jong

Digital Nomads in Croatia

Digital nomads. Probably one of the most positive stories happening this 2020. COVID year. During the pandemic, more people than ever started working from home. They have been forced to. If you ask me, I would always vote for this…
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Cres Island, Croatia photo by Croatian Attractions

Lošinj and Cres islands microclimate against COVID-19

We need good news, lovely photos, smiling. Happy faces… and healthy people. Let’s go to Lošinj! Lošinj is a proven oasis of health on Kvarner. Maybe this time – we prove the effectiveness of nature even against COVID-19. 20 cases since the…
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Sailing boat on Danube, photo credit by Igor Živković

Set sail from Osijek

The Drava in Osijek, photo credit by Old Town Once essential waterways, the Danube, Sava, and Drava mighty Croatian rivers are not sufficiently used. Unfortunately, today they are abandoned as an idea and not busy. It may not be modern,…
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Palace Elisabeth, HVar, Croatia, photo credit by

Hvar Heritage Hotel Palace Elisabeth

The exterior of Palace Elisabeth heritage hotel in Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by Hvar’s city is all about preserved history at its every corner, and it speaks for itself. Still, this story is about the first five-star hotel in…
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Hvar island, Croatia, photo by K2 & Croatian Attractions

The Pearls of Southern Dalmatia

Šipan, Elaphiti islands, Croatia, photo credit Croatian Attractions& K2   Dalmatia is magical. Besides the natural one signed by GM above us, its beauty is also the one that its exciting history has been creating for thousands of years…. From…
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Dubrovnik, The Cathedral, photo by Ivo Biocina, photo credit Croatian Tourist board

Dubrovnik – the city of goldsmiths

Dubrovnik, The Cathedral, photo by croatia2go The golden age is often mentioned in history, which usually represents the greatest prosperity of the state, wealth, art, culture, and the like. In Dubrovnik – a city that is definitely worth seeing –…
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San Canzian village & hotel, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by San Canzian

San Canzian. Totally Istria

San Canzian, village & hotel, small luxury hotel, Buje, Istria, Croatia, photo by San Canzian. Totally different. Istria is a part of Croatia that tourists, especially those from other continents, know little about. Even local guests (from Croatia) know little…
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Croatia, Photo by Sime Jadresin on Unsplash

Croatia was awarded with a ‘security label’!!!

Zagreb simbols, photo by Matko M. Švarc   All the tourist destinations in the world this unusual year for everyone, and especially for the tourism industry are fighting for the same; to be recognized as a safe destination. Croatia won…
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Whose head did Dubrovnik save? Richard the Lionheart!

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Dubrovnik, Croatia Even today, Dubrovnik proudly recounts how that city saved the life of Richard the Lionheart. Yes! Richard the Lionheart! To the famous King of England. On his return from The…
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Hvar- the island of Sun and Wine

An island that carries the title of the jet-set location but still holds this old Mediterranean soul – it can only be Hvar island. Settled in Middle Dalmatia and turned to the Sun (which makes it the island with the…
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Wind sails, Mate Turić, CRoatia, photo credit Mate Turić archives

Mate Turić will exhibit at the famous Paris Salon

Stone sailboat by Mate Turić-Mata CROata, Croatia, photo credit by archives of Mate Turić     Mate Turić, also known as Mata CROata – will be exhibiting at the famous Paris Salon this autumn.   Inspired by Croatian chessboard of…
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River Ričina, Lika, photo credit by Gospić TB

Lika is true medicine for peace of mind

River Ričina, Lika, photo credit by Gospić TB Legends are engaging, sometimes mystical, but most often, they are metaphorical and instructive. Novčica, Gospić, Lika, Croatia, photo credit by Gospić TB Here is the legend of Lika There were two sisters,…
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