Slavonski Brod (Posavina)


Whose head did Dubrovnik save? Richard the Lionheart!

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Dubrovnik, Croatia Even today, Dubrovnik proudly recounts how that city saved the life of Richard the Lionheart. Yes! Richard the Lionheart! To the famous King of England. On his return from The…
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Hvar- the island of Sun and Wine

An island that carries the title of the jet-set location but still holds this old Mediterranean soul – it can only be Hvar island. Settled in Middle Dalmatia and turned to the Sun (which makes it the island with the…
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Wind sails, Mate Turić, CRoatia, photo credit Mate Turić archives

Mate Turić will exhibit at the famous Paris Salon

Stone sailboat by Mate Turić-Mata CROata, Croatia, photo credit by archives of Mate Turić     Mate Turić, also known as Mata CROata – will be exhibiting at the famous Paris Salon this autumn.   Inspired by Croatian chessboard of…
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River Ričina, Lika, photo credit by Gospić TB

Lika is true medicine for peace of mind

River Ričina, Lika, photo credit by Gospić TB Legends are engaging, sometimes mystical, but most often, they are metaphorical and instructive. Novčica, Gospić, Lika, Croatia, photo credit by Gospić TB Here is the legend of Lika There were two sisters,…
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Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

Leopards used to live in Dalmatia?

Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka When you live in Croatia, and you create and sell private trips to Croatia – every day you think about what should be said for someone to decide to come to Croatia, then…
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Vino & vruje event, Ika, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki Podrumi

Wine and sea springs in Ika

Juraj Mihaljević, Vino & vruje event, Ika, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki Podrumi The tradition of immersing and emerging wine in Ika In the vicinity of Opatija, in Ika, the event ‘Vino i Vruja/Wine and sea springs’ has been held…
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SIDI BAR, West coast Split, Croatia, photo credit by Sidi Bar

Sidi Bar in Split tells the story of sport in Split

SIDI BAR, West coast Split, Croatia, photo credit by Sidi Bar Sidi bar is located on the West Coast of the sportiest city ​​in the world, Split. The beautiful view of the sea and the 1700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace leaves no…
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Velvet cafe, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by Velvet

Enjoy the atmosphere of Velvet

Velvet cafe, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by Velvet Velvet is a small magical place in Dežmanova Street in Zagreb, on the border between the city bustle and the soothing silence of the Tuškanac forest. The pleasant atmosphere of peace is…
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Šipan, Elaphiti islands, Croatia, photo credit CRoatian Attractions& K2

Go to Croatia in the corona season

If you plan to go to Croatia in the season 2020, the following information will be very valuable to you! Dubrovnik, Croatia, photo by Ivan Vuković Vuka Thanks to HELLO DUBROVNIK we can share with you important information about COVID…
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Empress Elizabeth Hotel, Hvar, Croatia, photo credit by Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar agencyphoto credit by Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar agency

The old postcards tell a story of Hvar tourism

The first postcard of Hvar, photo credit by Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar agency In the mid 19th century was known that Hvar’s climate has excellent qualities, and it’s suitable for treating a variety of illnesses, especially respiratory problems. Thanks to…
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Šibenik, panorama view from fortress, photo by DreamDivision, photo credit by Šibenik Knin County Tourist Board, Croatia

Safe travel to Croatia

photo credit by Šibenik Knin County Tourist Board Is it safe to travel to Croatia? Croatia is open to tourists. The requirements may slightly differ depending on your country of origin. Effective July 1st, all EU/EEA nationals and persons with…
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The amphitheater in Burnum, NP Krka, Croatia, photo credit by NP Krka

Burnum amphitheater and Puljane Eco Campus

Hidden in the heart of the Dalmatinska Zagora region, deep in the rocks and karst and overgrowth with macchia brush stands a gem of ancient history: the Roman military camp Burnum. Roman legions, Burdum Idas, NP Krka, Croatia, photo credit…
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By-Fraxinus-Croat-CC-BY-SA-3.0-https-creativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0-from-Wikimedia-Commons-2.jpg Every time you visit Daruvarske toplice (thermal SPA) , you will see why the ancient Romans simply adored this spa and declared it a “place tailored to man”! They are located in the heart of the town of Daruvar,…
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photo credit by Šibenik Knin County Tourist Board

Krka River is a natural and karst phenomenon

photo credit by Šibenik Knin County Tourist Board         With its seven travertine waterfalls: Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap and Skradinski buk, the Krka River is a natural and karst phenomenon. Travertine…
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Zagreb simbols, photo by Matko M. Švarc Croatian tourism professionals send the world a message #CroatiaIsSafe  Croatian tourism and hospitality professionals, and entrepreneurs decided to react affirmatively and send out a positive message   This years’ tourist season is the main…
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Fermai hotel, Split, Croatia, photo by Fermai

Fermai. The world can wait.

Fermai hotel, Split, Croatia, RESTAURANT, photo by Fermai Welcome to Fermai Heritage Hotel! Fermai is an Italian word for stopped, literally telling us to stop and slow down in peaceful oasis in the bustling heart of Split.  A century-old building…
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Hušnjakovo, archaeological finding,nowdays, photo credit by archives of Museum MKN

The richest collection of Neanderthal man in the world

Hušnjakovo, archaeological finding, nowadays, photo credit by archives of Museum MKN The richest collection of Neanderthal men in the world was gathered at Hušnjak Hill in Krapina in Hrvatsko Zagorje,  Scientifically known as Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis, the Krapina prehistoric man…
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Croatia2go, header

Instructions and rules of the prize quiz croatia2know-croatia2go

The croatia2know-croatia2go prize quiz is an integral part of the website to promote Croatian tourism facilities and services, and partners who provide awards. Media Partner is Narodni. The front page of displays all necessary information, and it’s a link…
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Cruise ship Lopar, Katarina Line, Croatia photo credit Katarina Line

A new prize quiz -Croatia2know-Croatia2go

New prize quiz croatia2know-croatia2go will start in a day or two…Be prepared!   All the answers you’ll find in croatia2go, and if you are very knowledgable and lucky you can even win amazing summer vacation like 7 days on Katarina Line…
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Croatia2go, header

Upute i pravila nagradnog kviza croatia2know-croatia2go

Nagradni kviz croatia2know-croatia2go sastavni je dio stranice sa svrhom promocije objekata i usluga hrvatskog turizma, i partnera koji osiguravaju nagrade. Medijski pokrovitelj kviza je Narodni. U naslovnici stranice se je prikaz osnovnih informacija koji je istovremeno link/poveznica s kvizom.…
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Ilok old cellars, photo credit by Iločki podrumi

Ilok Cellars – The place where wine is a lifestyle!

Vineyards of Ilok, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki podrumi Wines are reflecting the power of the mighty Danube, the pride of over two millennium’s old traditions, and the character of the unique terroirs of Principovac and Vukovo! Originality and elegance…
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Croatian Institute of History photo credit by Croatian Institute of History


Croatian Institut of History Croatian Institute of History is located in the palace in Opaticka 10 (Zagreb, Croatia). This is a unique building, rich in history and values, among which one has to emphasize Golden Hall, Pompey Hall, and Renaissance Studio.…
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Croatia2go, header

A knowledge quiz named croatia2know-croatia2go

  I need to convey something important to you! It’s not exactly the biggest secret – but it’s confidential! Please expand only to those you really care about. Forward only to those who want to have a great time in…
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Croatia, your next filming destination by

Croatia – the great filming destination

When the top film production house makes the film about Croatia and titled it ’Croatia Your Next Filming Destination’, the success is inevitable!!! So they did it again! Congrats! The Telly Awards is a prestigious American festival where ’Croatia Your…
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San Canzian Hotel , Istria, Croatia Photo credit by San Canzian

San Canzian – indulgence in the heart of Istria

In the heart of Istria, in the medieval village of Mužolini Donji, near Buje and Grožnjan, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, gardens of local herbs and plants are settled 5* San Canzian Village & Hotel. It’s a perfect place to experience…
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Katarina Line cruise, Croatia

Katarina Line – premier small ship cruise company

Katarina Line is a leading DMC in Kvarner -Croatia and the premier small ship cruise company. Offering weekly guaranteed departures from April to mid-October from the major tourist centers; Opatija, Split, and Dubrovnik, with a fleet of more than 60…
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Croatia, Photo by Sime Jadresin on Unsplash

In Croatia – in the last 24hours, no one was infected!

Border crossing information for International Tourists; Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, is working on the implementation of a web form that will enable the preparation of the necessary data to cross the border before starting…
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A New video of Hvar – take a peek

A small creative team of the Hvar Tourist Board made a new video with which they wish to show the natural beauty of the destination as well as mark May 15th, the day when the Hygienic Society was founded 152…
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Trogir, Dalmatia, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Not many cities hold the status of a museum-city, and Trogir is one of those few in the world. Settled very near Split, Trogir is a perfect getaway for those who want to experience something unique and magical. Constituted by…
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Pravdan Katić, photo by Djurdja Eterovic

Stories from Bol

Bol beach, Golden horn, Brač island, Croatia, Photo by Oliver (kvadratna) Sjöström on Unsplash   Would you like to find out more about organically grown products that you can eat in Bol on the island Brač or where to buy…
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Veliki Tabor Castle, photo by Siniša Žnidarec

Beautiful castles in Croatia

Veliki Tabor Castle, Croatia, photo by Siniša Žnidarec The castle signifies the historical construction of a residential and defensive function and a richer architectural conception, inhabited by rulers, noblemen, or wealthier possessors. The castles were the headquarters of the estates…
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Dalmatian is the Mediterranean lifestyle

  There has been a massive hype over the term „Mediterranean lifestyle“ and what does that mean. Although there is a notable number of countries that can geographically pass as the Mediterranean, the lifestyle itself implies a bit different picture.…
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Amphitheatre in Pula, Arena, Istria, Croatia, photo by Matko M. Švarc

History of Croatia in short lines

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo by Inera Isovic on Unsplash Enjoy Croatian history in short lines to help you better understand the course of events, rulers, and influences.  Although Croatia has developed under the influence of many European cultures, it has made…
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Are Croats really of Slavic origin?

Although Croatian people are widely considered to be a Slavic nation based on their known early history, language, and physical looks, some historians are likely to argue that fact. Mr. sc. Krešimir Galin is a Croatian ethnomusicologist who has studied…
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Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croati9a, Boytronic Photography

Zagreb’s history (Part 2)

The coat of arms of Zagreb ]In the first article of Zagreb‘s rich history, we introduced you to what was happening there thousands of years ago until the dark medieval ages. Now we move on to one of the architecturally…
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National Theatre, Zagreb, Photo by M. Švarc

Zagreb’s history

Ban Josip Jelačić, photo by Matko M. Švarc The prosperity of Baroque and neo-classical architecture left a mark on Zagreb that will always remind its citizens of that era but many cultural and political things started to take place in Zagreb…
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Motovun, Croatia photo by Croatian-Attractions


Overlooking the Mirna River valley lies surely the most famous and attractive Istrian medieval town of Motovun-Montona of the northern part of Istria. This amazing captivating hilltop town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian inland. Motovun/Montona, Istra,Croatia.jpg…
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In famous Roman palace in Split people still live!

  Diocletian Palace, Split, photo by Croatian-attractions Diocletian Palace is one of the monumental historical sightings not only of Split but of Croatian historical and architectural treasure in general. The built-in transition from 3rdto 4thcentury AD, it served as a…
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Hvar, Vineyards

Croatian Vineyards

Croatian attractions – Plešivica Vineyards of Croatia Croatia is considered one of the few elite countries in the world with the envious list of excellent wines. Here you can find around 100 native types of grapes. ILOK- WINESHOP Bornstein vinery…
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Matt Collins

Matt Collins is Karlo Metikoš

photo by Marjan Ciglič    Karlo Metikoš or Matt Collins as he was called in the western market was a Croatian musician. He was born in 1940, and his love for music has been present in the family since his…
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Zagreb simbols, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Zagreb calls to its embrace

With one of the most beautiful and famous song about Zagreb we remember how appealing was our capital, our beloved Zagreb. Our Zagreb, video by Matko M. Švarc To You, My City From old walls to Sava river From the…
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Cycling on Hvar island, Hvar, Croatia photo credit by Hvar TB

Cycle tourism in Hvar

Cycle tourism is a form of tourism that takes place in a high-value, ecologically preserved and attractive natural landscape. Our sunniest island has everything that makes it an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. In addition to the pleasant, mild climate…
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Samo-jednom-se-ljubi, Ivo-Robić, famous Croatian singer

Ivo Robić – “Croatian Sinatra”

Ivo-Robić.jpg       He was the pioneer of popular Yugoslav music in the early 1950s, modeled after great international singers such as Frank Sinatra, which is why he was called “our Sinatra” and the first to make a great…
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Dreamtime, Croatia, Trogir, wedding, photo credit Mihoci Studio

A Big Luxurious Croatian Wedding

Sikh wedding in Croatia, photo by Mihoci Studios, Dreamtime Croatia Planning a wedding? Wedding in Croatia, by Dreamtime Croatia photo by Mihoci Studio Make out your wishlist, envision your dream, then relax and let Dreamtime team do the rest. And…
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The medieval battle of Samobor 1441, photo by Edin Tuzlak

The medieval battle of Samobor

The medieval battle of Samobor 1441, photo by Edin Tuzlak If you are fun of English way traditional fairs with the hommage of old times – then your next Sunday is booked for Samobor medieval festival! On Sunday, 8th March…
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Zg - did you know - facts

Zagreb in figures

The City Office of Strategic Planning and Development of the City of Zagreb has decided to show a new side of the Croatian metropolis in light of the 90th anniversary of the city’s statistics. We present to you a rare…
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Ultra Beach Hvar, Croatia

The most wanted island in Croatia – Hvar

Hvar, photo credit by TB of Hvar town   Hvar is a place with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild and short winters and long and hot summers. The wind cools hot days and makes your summer evenings more enjoyable.…
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Katarina Island, in front of Rovinj, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra

The best time to travel to Croatia?

Hvar, Vineyards       When is the best time to travel to Croatia? If you ask any experienced traveler what places on Earth are the must-go spots during the warmer seasons, be sure you’ll hear Croatia on the list.…
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Photo credit by Halubajski Zvončari - Viškovo


Zvoncari pul Marceji 1929 original, Photo credit by Halubajski Zvončari – Viškovo     Do you know who are HALUBAJSKI ZVONČARI/ HALUBIAN BELL RINGERS? Enveloped in sheepskin and a large bell on their lower back, with special masks of large…
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Stari Grad, header,photo credit by TB of Stari Grad

Stari Grad on Hvar island

Did you know that the second oldest town in Croatia ( the oldest town is Vis – Issa) celebrates its 2404th birthday this year? Stari Grad on Hvar Island With its symbolic name, Stari Grad (literally meaning “Old Town”) is…
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Hvar – the sunniest island in Croatia

We don’t want to bother you with the historical facts because Hvar has a rich and long history and if you are a history lover and you have decided to spend your vacation on this beautiful island there is a…
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Samoborski fašnik 2020

Free Carnival Republic of Samobor

Princess Sraketa, Prince Fašnik, Judge Mitoman, and Fiskal Mutiman – sounds interesting? These characters from Srakostrip have come to life to proclaim the Free Carnival Republic of Samobor in the Square of Carnival Greats! Samobor Fašnik, photo credit by TB…
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Rijeka - foto - by Borko Vukosav

Rijeka is European Capital of Culture

EPK, RIJEKA 2020 On the first day of February 2020, Rijeka marked its place on the map of the European Capitals of Culture alongside cities whose citizens feel at home anywhere in Europe for good. Nestled between the Mediterranean, Central…
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Mali Plac Ilički trg, Zagreb, Croatia

The Jewish Heritage in Croatia

    Jewish people have been living on Croatian territory since the earliest datable records, most likely from medieval times. Many of famous people in Croatian history were of Jewish descent and had contributed to Croatia in many valuable ways.…
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Photo credit by SalajLand

Christmas magic in SalajLand

When winter holidays start approaching, everyone in Croatia can expect to see colorful and cheerful postcards all over the internet and TV coming from one place – SalajLand.  If you still miss the old feeling of Christmas like in your…
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Tim Roth and dr. Nikica Gabrić with the team of Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Tim Roth sees Croatia much better

The British actor, known for his cult roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films, but also for the hit series “Lie to Me”, which is still being watched in Croatia today, arrived after six months of filming his new drama series from…
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Advent, Caffe de Mato, photo by Julien Duval, photo credit by ZTB

Advent in Zagreb – reacher again!

Advent in Klovievi Dvori, photo by Julien Duval, photo credit by TBZ The sounds of Christmas bells, the smells of gingerbread, mulled wine…indulge yourself in enjoying a handful of Advent events and manifestations that will satisfy even the most discerning…
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Stella Croatica, Split Croatia photo credit by Stella Croatica

Stella Croatica -The ethno-agro park

It all began on the island of Mljet in 2002, relying on the long-standing family tradition of agricultural production. The hardworking Dalmatian family used their knowledge and recipes that were passed on to generations for the preparation of local delicacies.…
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Olive oil production, photo by Matko M. Švarc

The highest quality olive oils from Croatia!

Šolta olive oil or Šoltansko maslinovo ulje (cro.)  from the island of Šolta among the best in the world! Certified assessors should have the appropriate certification according to international standards prescribed by the COI (International Olive Oil Council) and should…
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SALT-Pools, Pag Island, Croatia

The Golden coast of Pag island is the golden idea

Camping Village Šimuni We love our coast and the large increase in tourist visits confirms the fact that they adore our coast as well. The reasons are obvious. But, when late autumn comes, and many cities and extremely beautiful sunny…
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Fuliranje atmosfera Foto Sandro Sklepić

Fuliranje is coming to town

Fuliranje atmosphere, photo Sandro Sklepić   Eight is the number of success and based on fact that we already had 7 successful Fuliranje events at Zagreb Advent, we believe that the eighth edition will equally delight all visitors who stop…
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Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Tiramol is not just a rope. Tiramol means Dalmatia

These two parallel ropes connected by small pulleys between two houses where the clothes are dried can also be seen in Italy, Portugal, Spain…it is interesting to tourists and their cameras. Even today, the old town of Split uses Tiramol,…
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P1040343 by Live at J&R is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Croatian roots in Michael Steven Bublé

Michael Steven Bublé, Canadian singer, songwriter, composer, and actor of Croatian roots. He was born on September 9, 1975, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, to the family of Louis and Amber Bublé. His grandfather Mihovil Buble is a Croat from…
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Photo credit by Plitvice Holiday Resort

Camping in Croatia

Casita, Linden tree   Croatia is known for its long tradition as a Mediterranean paradise for camping enthusiasts, which is not surprising given the diverse scenery and beautiful indented coastline. Availability from all over Europe for a day’s drive is…
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