Slavonski Brod (Posavina)

Croatian Sahara, Đurđevac, photo credit by TB of Đurđevac

Sahara in Croatia or just The Sands of Đurđevac?

Croatian Sahara, Đurđevac, photo credit by TB of Đurđevac   The City of Đurđevac, located in Northern Croatia, is hiding an interesting natural phenomenon – the area the size of 40 football fields covered in sand! Of course, one cannot…
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djeca plešu

International Choreographic Convention in Zagreb

Kliker festival for children’s movement, dance and play & International Choreographic Convention Zagreb is going to host for the first time An International Choreographic Convention from October 23 – 26 in Zagreb, organized by Tala Dance Center, in the frame…
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King's Tomislav Square, Zagreb, photo by Matko M. Švarc


Urban legends used to be spread by word of mouth. People love stories, and myths and legends in us spark interest and curiosity. We have highlighted several legends related to our region that need to be told. Mysterious, magical and…
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Croatian kuna photo by Matko M. Švarc

Croatian banknotes – kuna

Croatian kuna coins photo by Matko M. Švarc While still having our currency kuna, we can proudly show you some of our flora and fauna, and very important people in the history of Croatia. Are there any better media than banknotes…
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Plastic-free Croatia

Plastic-free Croatia is a project launched by a group of individuals with an aim that business organizations as an essential element of society, as a place of gathering individuals with different interests, age and gender contribute to the global fight…
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Posh Hotel, Split, photo credit by Hotel Posh

Feel POSH in Split!

Hotel Posh in Split, photo credit by Hotel Posh   Split become more popular for more tourist every year.  So in the last few years Split got some great small luxury hotels and we proudly present one of the newest-…
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Ante Starčević – The father of our Homeland

Ante Starčević, Unknown Zagreb photographer The unique name that Ante Starčević takes in Croatian national and national history tells a lot about his role, given that we attach him to the famous title – Father of our Homeland. Why do…
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Vizual Zagreb Burger Festival 2019

Zagreb Burger Festival

It’s a foodie festival the period in Croatia you can wander from town to town and have great food experience, so we have almost covered them all; from Poreč and Tunalicious to Film food festival, to Štrudla fest in Jaškovo…and…
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Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest

StrudelFest is starting!

Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest   StrudelFest is a manifestation which aims to preserve Croatian tradition, to please the most sophisticated palates, and also to improve product range on offer in the continental part of Croatia which is becoming…
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Tunalicious in Poreč, photo by Manuel Paljubh

Tunalicious Street Food Festival in Poreč

Tunalicious Poreč, photo by Manuel Paljubh As in all of its previous years, in Poreč from August 31st to Septeber 9th,  the Tunalicious Street Food Festival will accompany the big-game fishing tournament TunIstra. As a part of this street festival…
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Zagreb Food Film Festival is Fun for all

FFF-Outdoor Movie FOOD FILM FESTIVAL Zagreb is a late summer street food film festival.  It guarantees visitors an unforgettable cinematic gastronomic experience that combines two arts – cinematic and cooking. FOOD FILM FESTIVAL Zagreb 2019 sponsored by Coca-Cola consists of the presentation…
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White Truffles of Istria, photo by Igor Horvatić

The Truffles – golden nuggets of Istria

The truffle is the supreme delicacy known and enjoyed by the Mesopotamian rulers 4000 years ago, was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. It’s still one…
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Business Café International was established to highlight the opposite of migration trends, i.e., showing examples of entrepreneurs who moved to Croatia to start businesses. It is a joint effort to make Croatia a country that is not just great to live in, but also an attractive place for doing business.

Croatia needs to learn to sell itself better

3rd International Business Cafe, Mr. Robert Kohers, The Ambasador of USA in Croatia, Ognjen Bagatin and Kristina Ercegović   Croatians underplay and undercharge. Croatia needs to learn to sell itself better. Yes, yes and yes. Any news regarding? None. But people…
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Vrsar, Istria, Croatia, photo by Manuel Paljuh

The Famous lover Casanova loved Istria and Vrsar

You must have heard of the famous seducer Giacomo Casanova to whom no woman in 18th century Europe could resist. Well, some Istrian woman had a privilege to meet him in person. 🙂 Casanova, Vrsar, photo by Manuel Paljuh  …
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Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival, photo by Marijan Susenj/Pixsell

Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival

Croatia, as one of the top destinations in Europe, attracts a lot of tourists waiting to explore stunning National Parks, unspoiled nature, beautiful coastline, and rich history. These are just some of the reasons why Croatia is so famous as…
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SMILE, you are at Residence Stine

S             – Sun and Sea Residence Stine is located in the very heart of Split in the city district called Varoš. This historical part of the city from the late 17th century, just next to the Diocletian’s Palace, offers a…
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The Swimming area Slava Raškaj in Ozalj, Croatia photo by Ozalj TB


On sweltering days like today…the name you should bear in mind is Slava Raškaj 🙂 The swimming near Munjara in Ozalj The city bath, at the base of the old power plant, was named after the painter Slavi Raškaj, who…
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Grabovača Cave, Croatia

Samograd „Cave Air” is the most original souvenir

Being a complex of clean nature, Cave Park Grabovača offers a variety of experiences and values in an ecological, scientific, esthetic, and educational sense. Grabovača is a cave park located in Perušić, Croatia. It is the elevation of the mid-Velebit, which…
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Hotel Istra, Saint Andrew island, Rovinj, ISTRA, Croatia, photo credit by Maistra

Heaven is at St. Andrew’s island

Summertime. Time passes slower in the office than on vacation. One of Murphy’s Laws. The worst one. Time consumption sometimes seems like a broken time capsule. Interesting, mine completely recovers at St. Andrew’s island in front of Rovinj. Mistery recovery is…
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Adrenalin Park Duboka, Croatia

Adrenalin Park Duboka

Adrenalin Park in Duboka is the new top destination of Papuk Nature Park in Slavonia. All of you who come to Croatia and want adrenaline and good fun, do not miss this adrenalin park. Come and test your skill! Adrenalin…
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Yards in Zagreb, photo credit by Katapult promocija


 For the sixth year in a row, our favorite Zagreb event is back with us! From July 12th until July 21st, expect 10 unforgettable days at 7 selected locations – every day from 6 till 12 PM. What to expect?…
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40% online discount for the Meeting G2 Conference fee

Take the advantage of a 40% online discount for the Meeting G2 Conference fee by July 15th. The conference will be held from 4th to 6th of November 2019 in Zagreb! This is a unique opportunity for realizing new business opportunities through…
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Vrlovka Cave, Kamanje, Croatia photo credit by TZ Ozalj

The Vrlovka Cave – 7000 years later

Vrlovka Cave, Photo credit by Javna ustanova Natura Viva   The Vrlovka Cave is situated along the Kupa River in a place called Kamanje nearby Ozalj. It was explored in the length of 380 m, 320 m and adapted for tourists.…
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Photo credit by Zoran-Jelaca-for-croatia2go

How many days should I stay in Croatia?

How many days should I stay in Croatia? Planning a trip can be a bit challenging if you don’t know how long exactly you’ll be staying and what you’d be interested in seeing. Depending on the type of the trip…
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Monte Mulini Hotel, Rovinj, Croatia photo credit by Croatian Attractions

Where to stay in Croatia

Accommodation options in Croatia Planning a trip can be stressful and confusing. Like it’s not only a complicated thing to prepare the transport itself, but booking accommodation can also be a form of lottery. Depending on the location you’d want…
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Main Square Zagreb, Croatia photo credit by Croatian Attractions

The Top tourist attractions in Zagreb

Bogovićeva street, Zagreb, Croatia photo credit by Croatian AttractionsBogovićeva street, Zagreb, Croatia photo credit by Croatian AttractionsNikola Tesla statue, Zagreb, Croatia photo credit by Croatian AttractionsNikola Tesla statue, Zagreb, Croatia photo credit by Croatian AttractionsStatue-of-Saint-George-killing-a-Dragon-Zagreb-CroatiaStatue-of-Saint-George-killing-a-Dragon-Zagreb-CroatiaZagreb-funicular, CroatiaZagreb-funicular, CroatiaZagreb-Museum-of-Broken-Relationships, CroatiaZagreb-Museum-of-Broken-Relationships, CroatiaZagreb-tourist-train, CroatiaZagreb-tourist-train,…
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Zagreb, Croatia ,Photo by M. Švarc,

Zagreb- a great place to stay

Photo by M. Švarc, Zagreb     It’s a great thing when you arrive at a new city to experience it to the fullest on those days when you will be staying. But sometimes, the towns get bigger, time runs…
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G2 Meeting, Croatia

The main goals of Meeting G2 Conference

We wrote a few times about Meeting G2 Conference, and while waiting for the fifth one in The Congress Center Forum Zagreb from 4th till 6th November, we decided to have a coffee break with Josip Hrgetić to find all about the upcoming…
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Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

Nautical connectivity in Croatia

It’s good to know as many information as possible when going abroad, especially in the case of transport. You all know the importance of the metro, tram, train and plane connectivity inside any country – it is just necessary knowledge!…
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RIMAC-c_two photo credit Rimac Company

Mate Rimac presented the fastest car in existence!

The hottest news in the car world revolves around a Croatian supercar. This year at Geneva International Motor Show, young Croatian innovator Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac car factory presented his newest model Concept Two. What makes this car so…
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James Bond, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The new James Bond will be filmed in Croatia

The new James Bond will be filmed in Croatia Among many movie characters that have been making history on Croatian soil (about which you can read more here), you can tick one more on the list. The new James Bond…
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British Square, Zagreb Croatia

Jackie Chan movie was shot in Zagreb

Jackie Chan’s movie was shot in Zagreb? The colorful streets of Zagreb would rarely give you an impression of an action scene, but that’s precisely what Zagreb was during 1986 when Jackie Chan came to Zagreb to shoot an action…
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Laura Protat, helicopter captain photo by Laura Protat

Helicopter captain or Laura c’e Croatia Amore

Flying over King’s Landing/Dubrovnik or Korčula island, or Hvar is definitely a highlight of your holidays in Croatia. But if you fly with the most beautiful pilot you ever have seen..oh, that’s much more then you ever expected. So, treat…
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Ozalj Munjara - photo credit by TB Ozalj

“Munjara” in Ozalj – the power of lighting

Hydroelectric power plant Ozalj “Munjara”   Hydroelectric power plant Ozalj “Munjara”, the protected monument of culture, is the oldest continental hydroelectric power plant in Croatia which was built and opened in 1908 to supply Karlovac lighting. The power plant was…
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Business Caffe, photo by Business Caffe

Grit always pays off – 2nd Business Café International

Warming up for the 2nd Business Cafe International 2ndBusiness Café International gathering foreign entrepreneurs who started their businesses and moved to Croatia will be held on Monday, June 10th, in Zagreb at 6 p.m. at Rooftop Lateral, Strojarska 20/26.  …
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Delikroat, catering Delikroat, kulen Delikroat, products origin Croatia photo by Delikroat

DELIKROAT is Mario Harapin

Mario Harapin, Delikroat The idea of ‘make something’ or succeed outside of the homeland was always a guarantee of quality. That’s what we are – unfortunately. We do not appreciate the achievements that start in Croatia. Why is that so?…
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Croatian diaspora conference

 #FromDiasporaToDiaspora Conference

Croatian diaspora conference #FromDiasporaToDiaspora Conference will take place in Split on the 17th and 18th of May 2019. The overarching goal of the Diaspora Conference is to find ways to Integrate all Croatians as one and to forge the future…
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G2 Meeting, Croatia

5th Meeting G2 Conference means Building Business Bridges

5th Meeting G2 Conference means Building Business Bridges The Congress Center Forum Zagreb will be home for the 5th time to Conference MeetingG2  from 4th till 6th November. This year’s subtitle of The conference is “Building Business Bridges” or just a…
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Shirt made by Pag lace, made by Mirjana & Đorđe Tkalčec

International Lace Exhibition in Ozalj

Ozalj County Museum, 5th International Lace Exhibition Lace was very important in Croatia. Lace was a status symbol, it showed someone’s richness, origin, skill, and heritage. Just because of that in Croatia there are many different lace technics and designs. Moreover,…
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Ston, by Archives of Tourist Board of Ston

Go back in time in Ston

Ston, by Archives of Tourist Board of Ston The time machine of Stone Ston and Pelješac Island are famous for wine, sea salt, oysters and Ston cake, but there is so much more to discover about this town. Two very…
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Adriatic sea, Croatia Sailing with Croatian Attractions photo by Croatian Attractions

Cheap holiday or fine holiday in Croatia

Stiniva Bay   A Cheap holiday or a fine holiday in Croatia? As someone who is daily participating in creating and selling tourist programme in Croatia, I sometimes feel very frustrated. That’s my right. As everyone who claims that Croatia is expensive.…
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Prof. Nikica Gabric and Armand Assante photo credit by Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Bring Svjetlost (Light) into your eyes

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your vision, make the first step towards changing that by visiting Svjetlost Eye Clinics. Svjetlost is the leading chain of ophthalmological clinics in South Eastern Europe that is world famous for combining key elements…
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Natalia Zielinska, Croatia, photo credit by Business Caffe

Natalia Zielinska in the Wonderland

If someone names its FB page Natalia in the wonderland or to be totally precise Natalia u zemlji čudesa, I can’t do anything else then look for more. Natalia Zielinska came from Poland and lives in Ogulin, where Ivana Brlić…
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Rovinj sailing, Croatia Photo credit by Maistra

World Sailing Elites Arrive in Rovinj

Croatia-Attractions-Rovinj, photo credit by Maistra   The Adris44 Cup, one of the most attractive sailing competitions in the world, will once again take place in Rovinj – an ideal nautical and sports destination. Starting 29 May till 2 June this…
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Croatian diaspora conference

2nd International Conference on Diaspora Tourism

2nd International Conference on Diaspora Tourism will take place in Split, Croatia from 17th till 18th May 2019. The main aim of this Conference is to reconnect Croatian Diaspora with their homeland and set new goals regarding Diaspora tourism. With…
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Zagreb, Bogovićeva Street, Croatia photo credit by Matko M. Švarc

Shpitza of Zagreb

Zagreb, Flower square (5) , by Matko M. Švarc Have you ever heard about Zagreb’s Shpitza? No? No problem. Just make sure that you arrange and plan your stay in Zagreb on Saturday, and you will experience The Shpitza! Zagreb…
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Natalia Zielinska, Paul Bradbury and Kristina Ercegović photo by Business Caffe

Wanna move to Croatia and start your own business?

Paul Bradbury and Kristina Ercegović   ‘It’s not an April Fools’ joke’ was the opening words of 1stBusiness Café International event, ‘they did come to Croatia and started their own business.’ Yesterday, on April 1st, at Rooftop Lateral in Zagreb,…
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Adriatic sea, Croatia, photo credit by Balkan Yacht Adventure

Balkan Yacht Adventure

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash     I spoke with Filip Jakovac, a young entrepreneur who gave up his law profession and started a series of unique and adventurous touristic tours with Balkan theme. We had a great time…
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Rimac C_TWO, photo credit by RIMAC FACTORY

Rimac C_Two electric hypercar strikes again

At the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) Rimac displayed the world’s most powerful electric hypercar, the Rimac C_Two, demonstrating the company’s expertise in high-performance vehicle systems. The Rimac C_Two was launched in 2018. Rimac, C_TWO, Top-Down, Doors-up, photo credit…
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Business Caffe, photo by Business Caffe

First Business cafe International in Zagreb

Business Cafe, Kristina Ercegović (founder) Kristina did it 51 times and decided to make it international. No, it is not a joke – It’s all about being crazy enough to move to Croatia and start your own business here. First…
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Esa Croatia, team of professional licenesed tour guides

Esa Croatia – Croatia’s finest guides

St. Mark’s Square, Zagreb, photo by Matko M. Švarc Esa team is made of professional licensed tour guides that work in various foreign languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. We are sure you can find some…
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Plurato Sailfin the first Croatian electric surfboard, Croatia photo by Plurato Sailfin

Plurato Sailfin, the first Croatian electric surfboard

New experiences in the water this summer will be provided by Plurato Sailfin, the first Croatian electric surfboard. Behind this product based on hydrofoil technology stands startup company Plurato from Split, Croatia. This technology, known for about a hundred years,…
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Dobitnice nagrada Utjecajne hrvatske žene i Buduće liderice 2019.

Croatian Women of Influence and Future Leader Awards

The Croatian Women’s Network/Mreža Hrvatskih Žena ( is a global forum that celebrates, champions and connects distinguished women of Croatian ancestry from around the world who work together to inspire and support each other. This network is The Network. We…
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Balkan roads photo by Balkan Roads

Driving Yugo across Balkan roads is great fun!!

The coffee break with Filip Jakovac brings us a lot of fun. Literally, whether Croatia is or not part of Balkan peninsula -the idea of Balkan Roads is fantastic. Tell me about the Balkan Roads? What’s so special about it?…
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ZAGREB-Capital Amadria Park hotel -entrance, photo credit by Amadria

Zagreb got a brand new heritage hotel

ZAGREB-Capital hotel, front desk Zagreb, the Croatian capital become home to another amazing hotel in the strictest center of the city. In the last year, there has been much construction work done in the very heart of Zagreb at the corner…
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Traminer wine, Ilok, Croatia Photo credit by Iločki podrumi

Ilok Original Estate Bottled Wine

Photo credit by Iločki podrumi The Original Estate Bottled Wine During the 1920s, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, proprietor of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, began persuading the owners of Bordeaux’s first growths that, to protect their reputation, their wines should be chateau…
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PRINCIPOVAC where winemaking is art and lifestyle!

One of the best wine-growing position in continental Croatia is situated on the hill called Principovac, 3.5 kilometers away from Ilok. Croatian-Attractions-Principovac.jpg At the time of Odescalchi princes, vineyards of Ilok cellar are grown and the family mansion was built.…
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The Old Cellar of Ilok

Srijem is the region bordered by the magnificent river Danube on the East while on the South vast vineyards are stretched. ILOK-VINEYARD     In Antic time, when the rough history of Ilok and Srijem begun is marked on the…
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Christmas customs and Christmas table in Croatia

One of the most beautiful Christmas customs is sharing with those who do not have a lavish holiday table. Even though the Christmas trees come to us as an ancient custom, actually the trees have been decorated since the second…
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SCUM, Croatian survival game

SCUM-A Croatian survival game worth 17 million euros!

You might have heard about many things that Croatians did in the fields of innovations and science. From Ruđer Bošković and Faust Vrančić centuries ago to Mate Rimac today, Croatia keeps giving miracles in these fields every now and then.…
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