Slavonski Brod (Posavina)

DAVIS CUP, Croatia won!

Croatians play tennis as if they invented it!!!

ZAGREB – The Croatian tennis team dominating the victory over France won the Davis Cup and the second time in history became the honor of lifting the last Davis Cup Trophy in this system that was given to Željko Krajan’s…
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Sailing-Blue-lagoon, Dalmatia, Croatia photo by Croatian-attractions

What attracts tourists in Croatia?

You may not believe it, but according to the research of the most googled search terms by tourists traveling to Croatia… What attracts tourists in Croatia? Croatian traditional cuisine is in the top five most frequently searched terms! Actually, we…
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The world’s best quizzer? A Croatian, of course!

Pub quizzes, competitions, TV shows quizzes… seems the world is flourished with entertainment that finally has some sense for all- spreading your knowledge, learning new things and actually investing in your knowledge is now an important social capital. Thanks to…
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”Tick-tack” to 2018. Advent in Zagreb

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams playing in the background… Only a couple of days left until the beginning of Zagreb Advent 2018! The most important event in our capital starts on December 1st. The…
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Milka Trnina- famous name of chocolate

Influential Croatian women Croatia has a long and steady history of many classical artists of all kinds contributing to the world of art. Composers, painters, sculptors, and writers. Most of them you will hear of are men of big careers…
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Glagolitic script

    The Glagolitic script, also known as Glagolitsa and Azbuka, is the oldest known Slavic alphabet originated in the middle of the 9th century and Croats used it over a thousand years. You must have wondered how a Glagolitic…
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Zlatko Dalic Croatian National football team coach,

Zlatko Dalić is the Europe’s best football coach!

    Zlatko Dalić has been selected as Best Coach in Europe! The Croatian Football Team’s coach has been awarded by his colleagues, the Association of European Football Coaches (AEFCA), in their symposium in Turkish Antalya. The coach of the…
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Croatia has a world champion in karate!

Great news travel all the way from Madrid, Spain to the world!  Ivan Kvesić is the new world karate champion. Kvesić, a member of the “Hercegovina” karate club from Zagreb, was amazing until the semifinals, and in the fight for…
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Advent, Zagreb, Croatia photo By-Vuri Matija

Advent Program 2018. in Zagreb was announced!

On the 9th of November, Zagreb’s Advent program for 2018 was presented at the press conference at Hotel Esplanade in the city center. The Advent’s program starts on December 1st and it will last until January 6th. As in previous years,…
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Mr. Fulir, scene from the most famous film in Croatia, Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, directed by Krešo Golik

The most watched Croatian movie of all times

To write an article about (arguably, but not that much) probably the best movie shot in Croatia and by Croatians, is not an easy task. Not because it has so much trivia (because it doesn’t) but because it is historically,…
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Zlarin is the first plastic-free island!

.   There have been some rumors from international organizations about completely cutting off plastic utensils, bags and other forms of everyday plastic that we use. Although that may seem the best idea in a world full of pollution, the…
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Lastovo By-August-Dominus-CC-BY-SA-3.0-https-creativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0-from-Wikimedia-Commons-3.jpg

Lastovo – the quiet spirit of South Adriatic

The island of Lastovo has been permanently inhabited for several thousand years. The first famous inhabitants were Illyrians, and in ancient times, they were first colonized by the Greeks, who called him Ladesta, and then by the Romans. In the…
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Cultural impact of Austro-Hungarian Empire

You can tell a lot about a certain city by just looking at the architecture and the nomenclature of the streets and squares. Sometimes history holds so much information that you get lost in the first few sentences of reading…
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Rovinj, Croatia photo by Croatian Attractions

Rovinj – the jewel of Istria

You have stumbled upon the beautiful little city of Rovinj, or Rovigno in its Italian version. Everyone who craves relaxation, amazing and Instagramable scenes as well as colorful and historical buildings will start planning their trip to the probably most…
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Croatia celebrates 27th Independence Day

October 8th is a well-known date to everyone living in Croatia- the Independence Day! Every year on that date Croatia broke all the connections to former Yugoslavia and its legal connections to it. At the Zagreb City Cemetery, Mirogoj, the…
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Suite, Luxe Hotel Split, Croatia photo credit by Luxe Hotel

Glittering Hotel Luxe Split

Dalmatia and its cities made of stone seem to attract more and more people who are hungry for something authentic, something different, something more…..intimate. If walls of all the ancient buildings (some of them still inhabited!) could speak, that would…
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Šolta island, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

Šolta – a mini heaven island!

There are several islands surrounding Split that most of you have heard before or maybe even visited! By those islands, we mostly mean by Hvar and Brač island. Either if we’re talking about the jet-set coming there for vacation or…
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Airports in Croatia

Croatia is currently at one of the top new destinations in the world which is something we know. This fresh new position of Croatia has brought some good changes to the country in terms of the development of transport infrastructure,…
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Jarun lake in Zagreb

If you ask anyone in Zagreb, what’s the best part of the city to go jogging or just walking endlessly with your mind in the air, believe us, most of them would answer Jarun! A part of Zagreb with so…
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Borna Ćorić scores a point in Davis Cup

Croatian national tennis team sends great news from the Davis Cup. Borna Ćorić brought the first point to Croatia after mastering the 30th player of the world, Steve Johnson, with 3:0. Ćorić won his first set with 6:4 and the…
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Drops-of-water photo

Croatia – where the cleanest water resides

Since the end of the 19th century and the evolution of the industry, nature around the world took the role of the most obvious victim there can be. Forests, the animal world, and especially water have strongly decreased in their…
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Dino Rađa, Toni Kukoć, By-Maršal-marmont-at-Croatian-Wikipedia-

Dino Rađa is officially in the Hall of Fame!

Former Croatian NBA star, Dino Rađa, as announced earlier in our post has just become one of the elite untouchables in the world of sport. He was introduced into Springfield’s Basketball Hall of Fame by the legendary Boston Celtics, Larry…
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Rab town, Rab Island, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

Rab- the island of happiness

In the vicinity of the popular islands of Cres and Krk, another one in a series of beautiful islands on the Adriatic whose popularity is growing… is Rab Island! The beautiful landscape of the island, coolness of the water and…
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Vrsar, Croatia photo credit by Maistra

Sailing in Croatia is MUST!

Are you a fan of sailing? Croatia is an ideal destination! Beautiful natural beaches, various bays, small fishing villages, National parks, and a wealth of islands and islets make our country truly special! The best time for the sailing season…
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10th Edition of Organ Vida

Organ Vida Festival is the biggest international photography event in Croatia, but also the biggest independent photography festival in Southeast Europe that gathers and presents photographers and artists, professionals and experts in several different galleries and institutions in Zagreb. The…
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Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić is officially Europe’s best footballer!

Luka Modric was declared the best footballer of Europe in the election of the European Football Federation (UEFA). The captain of the Croatian national team and Real Madrid midfielder has collected 313 points from 55 journalists and 80 coaches who…
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Stross and summer on Stross

The Strossmayer promenade (Süd-Promenade) is the first public promenade in Zagreb on the southern side of the Upper Town.The Croatian bishop and general of the Artillery Ignjat Gyulay and his wife Julia gave the inspiration for the landscape. Construction started…
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Anne Hathaway on a family cruise in Croatia

A-list celebrities really love Croatia and vacation on the Adriatic coast, and this year Anne Hathaway is among those celebs who chose Croatia as her summer destination. Oscar winner was seen with her husband Adam Shulman and their son, as…
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The Zagreb Observatory

Fans of everything related to space and its secret – did you know that there is a place in Zagreb that would feed your appetites? In case you haven’t heard, Zagreb’s Upper Town has been home to a more than…
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Bakačeva.street, Zagreb, Croatia photo by-Croatian-Attractions

Zagreb’s history is made of….. (A)

Zagreb-Secrets-of-Grič, Croatia-Attractions   Like any old and culturally rich city in the world, Zagreb has some serious stories that were crucial in its identity. Whether if its true historical stories or just urban legends, Zagreb sure has a lot to…
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San-Tommaso Hotel and winery, Croatia photo credit by San Tommaso

San Tommaso – all senses Istria experience

San Tommaso – all senses Istria experience San Tommaso is situated in beautiful Istrian landscape on a 150-years old estate, this historical winery used to be home to a landowner who was always involved in winemaking and who passed on…
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Dino Rađa in Hall of Fame

September 7th is going to be a big day for basketball, Croatia and, of course, Dino Rađa, a famous and well-reputed basketball player of the 90s who has won two Olympic medals and had a very successful career in the…
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Vukovar-film-festival, Croatia photo by VFF

12th edition of Vukovar Film Festival

Vukovar, a city of heroes, is once more hosting the annual Vukovar Film festival for the 12th time. The festival will start with the movie “For good, old times” by Eduard Galić and the audience will also have a chance…
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Zoran Talić golden in European Para Athletics

Zoran Talić won a gold medal in the long jump on European Para Athletics in Berlin. He finished with a jump of 7.28m and swept the competition. Second place belongs to Ukrainian representative Prudnikov Dmytro and while the Dutch athlete…
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Dubrovnik Croatia, photo credit by Croatian Attractions

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

During summer, various events take place in some of the most prominent cities of the Adriatic coast, and Dubrovnik hosts a cult event for over than 50 years- Dubrovnik Summer Festival or “Dubrovačke ljetne Igre” in traditional Dubrovnik dialect. It…
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Oprah Winfrey relaxing in Dubrovnik

One of the most influential women in the pop culture of our time, Oprah Winfrey, is currently cruising the Croatian coast with the Italian businessman Giancarlo Giammetti on his yacht between Lokrum island and the Old City. The businessman posted…
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Eurobasket-U16-2018 Gold winner

Croatia won gold at Eurobasket

Croatia’s basketball expects a glorious future! Our cadet team, players up to 16 years old, won gold at Eurobasket held in Novi Sad. Young hopes led by Milan Karakaš celebrated in a big final after a dramatic finale against Spain’s…
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One-Republic US band on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia

One Republic is in The Republic

Mid-August usually means slowly packing to go home if you ask local Croatians who spend their summer on the coast but one of today’s most influential rock bands, One Republic, known for their hits such as “Apologize”, have just recently…
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Hungry for culture? Zagreb has the treats!

The spirit of a city has a lot to do with the culture it carries throughout history as well as the way it preserves its culture and its historic remains but the spirit of a city is not only based…
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Task-force Croatia

Closing ceremony of Eco Heritage task

“In my 5 years of EHTF, this is the best ending in my opinion so far” – said Mihovil Rora the leader of the project, who best describes the atmosphere of last Saturday in the town of Cres at the…
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Monte Mulini Hotel, Rovinj, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

Croatia on Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas

This year, the Croatian National Tourist Board presented itself at the Virtuoso Travel Week, the most significant tourist event on the American continent, which is held for the thirtieth time from 11th to 17th August in Las Vegas. They presented…
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Carmen Tomašić, Korčula, Croatia

From Sydney to Korčula island? Yes!

Carmen is Croatia’s foreign entrepreneurs who are trying to make difference in Croatia. We personally loved the story of young Carmen Tomašić, who swapped the luxury gourmet scene in Sydney to help bring an additional touch of class to the…
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The-Art-Pavillion-Zagreb-Croatia-photo credit by Zagreb TB

Things you probably didn’t know about Zagreb

      We bet you know quite a few things about Zagreb, the heart of Croatia, and a growing tourist attraction to many, but, there are some really interesting facts that might let you dive deeper into the very…
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Zagreb, Croatia ,Photo by M. Švarc,

Zagreb among top travel destinations in Croatia

The statue of Ban Jelačić at main square in Zagreb, photo by Matko M. Švarc   The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is one of the most wanted destinations in Croatia, said the recent studies. Unlike in the past years when…
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Matea-Ajelić, Croatia

Matea Jelić wins gold in Taekwondo Grand Prix

Looks like Moscow is Croatia’s lucky charm when it comes to sports. After the unbelievable success of Croatian national football team in Moscow in July, the winning series of Croatian athletes seems to continue and we can’t be happier! Croatian…
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Šime-Fantela, Croatia

Croatia has world sailing champions

  Good news from Croatian athletes around the world is flooding! The newest victory come from Aarhus, Denmark where Fantela brothers, Mihovil and Šime, won gold medals on World Sailing Championship in the 49er class. Throughout the competition, they sailed…
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The amazing story of Bale

    The town of stone-paved narrow streets, above which the old walled-up tents rise, keeps many stories. Here every stone whispers and makes the air feel conversational. Since prehistoric times, it reveals the secrets of dinosaurs, preserving the ancient…
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Croatian swimmer Bruno Blašković won the semifinals

As you already know, the 2018 European Aquatics Championships takes place in Glasgow. In today’s qualifiers in 50m Freestyle Swimming, young Croatian swimmer Bruno Blašković was 19th and he won the semifinals scheduled today at 17:00. In the same discipline,…
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Stipe Žunić in shot put European finale!

More of good news in sports come from Berlin this time where Croatian shot put representative Stipe Žunić qualified for the European athletic Championship finale. Our athlete from Zadar overthrew the qualifying norm and made an astonishing 20.61 meters which…
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Italian media turns focus to Croatian tourism!

In the spirit of the upcoming Ferragosto holidays which mean a time to relax for Italians, it’s no secret that Croatia has been one of the top holiday destinations for our dear Italian neighbors. This year, Italian media Croatia is…
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Croatian football suporters

Knin remembers operation Storm

Knin held the central celebration of the anniversary of the operation Storm (one of the most important military operations during the Homeland war), which was attended by the entire Croatian government, state and military officials, members of the families of…
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Martin Sinković and Valent Sinković, Croatia

Sinković brothers are the European rowing champions!

  The awesome news come from Glasgow- again! After qualifying for European semifinals just a few days ago, our rowing heroes, brothers Martin and Valent Sinković competed in their new discipline lightweight duo. Although in the beginning, it didn’t seem…
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Naomi-C.-u-Dubrovniku-photo-by-Marko-Lukunić PIXELL

Naomi Campbell spotted in Dubrovnik

  Celebrities exploring and enjoying Croatia is nothing new, from Hollywood stars to jet-setters from all around. And one of the world’s most famous supermodel, Naomi Campbell was recently spotted on a luxury yacht in Dubrovnik. Naomi seems to be…
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Croatia gets bronze in water polo!

Another great success for Croatia and Croatian sport this time comes from Barcelona! Croatian water polo players, popular under the name Barracudas, have won bronze at the European Championship in Barcelona. In the game for the third place they beat…
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Crossover festival Zagreb

Another amazing festival is just behind us and Crossover Festival Zagreb proves that Zagreb has a rich schedule during summer. An international music festival that brings world musicians to the park was held from July 25-29. Five days and great…
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ECO HERITAGE TASK FORCE by Croatian Heritage Foundation

In a particularly distinctive area of Gorski Kotar, more precisely the picturesque Fužine, the traditional summer program of Croatian Heritage Foundation started and it goes under the name ECO HERITAGE TASK FORCE, held this year from July 22nd till August…
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Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, famous Football National Coach, Branding of Croatia

A short history of football in Croatia

As days from the FIFA World Cup finale are getting by, people from around the world are wondering all kinds of questions about Croatia, such as its location, national history, the ethnicity of Croats, and other trivia about this magical…
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Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić – captain of Croatian national pride!

 What makes a world-class athlete? Some may say it’s the result that makes a top athlete, other say it’s the sponsorships, but honestly, we can only agree that those things mean nothing unless you have devotion and determination to succeed…
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11 reasons why we adore Croatia

In spite of not being as popular and known as many other bigger countries, there are so anythings about Croatia that this country can be proud of. From natural beauty to amazing people who achieved so much in all fields,…
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The ULTRA Europe Festival ended in a great style

After three monumental days in Split and visit to the three most beautiful Croatian islands of Hvar, Brač, and Vis, after seven days of unforgettable social gathering with 150,000 visitors from 142 countries of the world,  the sixth edition of…
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Croatian football suporters

Croatia is in the World Cup finals!

After 120 nail grinding minutes of intense football, Croatia has won the match against England and qualified for the finals of the World Cup against France. This is a huge and historical moment for Croatian sport and Croatia in general…
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Brač Regatta and ULTRA Beach

One of the leading world destination festivals went on a journey through Croatian islands. ULTRA Beach in its 6th issue  has visited some of the hippest places on the Adriatic coast such as 585Club on Brač island, cascade pools in…
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Ultra Europe 2018 is over

Three amazing days, more than 120 DJs, six stages, visitors from more than 140 countries around the world and Poljud stadium – the sixth edition of the ULTRA Europe music festival in Split is right behind us and we can…
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Ultra Europe Music Festival 2018, Split, Croatia

Ultra Europe is conquering Split

As we noted in our previous post, Ultra Europe is conquering Split in the following days, and the main Poljud stage is full of top stars of electronic music. But don’t expect anything less from the Resistance stage- the stage…
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The month of Croatian tennis

  Croatian football players delighted us with their great success in 2018 FIFA, and Croatian tennis players also made us very proud this week. We can say that June was the Month of Croatian tennis, and the 24th of June…
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Croatian Emigrant Congress

Third Croatian Emigrant congress in Osijek

  From June 28th to July 1st, the Croatian Emigration Congress will be held in Osijek, which will end in a ceremonial holy mass in Vukovar. As in the case of the previous two congresses, the Third Croatian Emigrant Congress…
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Borna Ćorić defeats legendary Roger Federer

Halle Open will be remembered for sure for young Croatian tennis player Borna Ćorić. This is where he defeated no.1 player Roger Federer and achieved the biggest result of his career (yet!). He won Federer with 7:6, 4:6 and 6:2…
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Ultra-Europe-2018-, Split, Croatia Julien Duval


The sixth year in a row, Split will be hosting the legendary Ultra Europe festival that keeps attracting people from around the world to this fantastic Dalmatian town. This unique combination of music and adventure is a perfect way to…
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Porsche makes investments in Rimac Supercars

  As we mentioned before, young Croatian inventor Mate Rimac has managed to get super-positive reactions at the last Geneva Motor Show with his Model C Two. And good news from the Rimac car-factory can’t seem to stop coming. Recently,…
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Croatia football-world-cup-2018, Russia

Iceland vs Croatia

Magnificent Croatia’s victory over Argentina in the second match of the World Cup in Russia was celebrated throughout the world in great euphoria. Croatia won the placement in the eight finals. Croatian Soccer Coach and Croatian National Team Manager Zlatko…
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