Split. Dalmatia. Croatia. Or If I would have been born in Split I would never leave

Not the word that comes first in your mind. A completely different one.
If I would have been born in Split I would never leave.
Split in ex Yugoslavia was a transit city. That was an insult! The huge one. Why it was like that, I don’t know, I was too young to witness, and never really searching for the main reason or many of them. But I’m sure that the locals in Split would tell me many explanations and semi-truthful stories. Anyhow – Split should have been the city like it is today- one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and you must see it while staying in our beautiful country.
And I mean it.ž
I’m from Zagreb and there is a stupid story about how these two cities don’t like each other. Not in my universe. I adore Split. I truly adore its atmosphere, the most beautiful Palace in the world, it’s very narrow streets, the food, a local dialect, it’s slow and natural easy living and all about.
If I would have been born in Split I would never leave.
The Riva is so beautiful, the Sun has its own relationship with the city and I finally realized why the gorgeous Split’s women are so lean and beautiful. They must stay lean if they need to walk through these narrow streets and, automatically they are so tall, must be the same reason :-). The food, the Dalmatian traditional dishes mostly about the fish and seafood are awesome. Tasty and so specific that you only (if you haven’t tried) can imagine.
And, one useful advice- new and modern, contemporary restaurant is not ‘konoba’ and it won’t serve you the best. Try and ask and eventually you’ll be guided to the best spots. Later you can thank me :-). The best fish you’ll ever have will be in Croatia; the simple way of preparation but with the years of experience and, of course, fresh and garnished with the local ingredients.
But, let’s move from the ‘table’ into the Old city or into the Palace. Diocletian Palace. Many of you don’t know about the Roman history of Split, called Spalato at those ancient times. Diocletian was Roman emperor and he made his palace at the gorgeous Adriatic seaside. He did a great job because people love it so much that even today they still live in the old palace. And the Palace still stands.
Actually, the entire Palace is adapted into many shops, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and tiny streets.
It’s like you step into the most beautiful story where the antique meets the present time. It’s so beautiful, so different and so remarkable.
And, here we go again; if I have been born…
Words like ‘pomalo’ (take it easy), or ‘laganini’ (very slowly) or ‘fjaka’ (something like siesta) are the Dalmatian way of life. They even have a suitable proverb; Nije posa zec, pa će uteč. The job is not a rabbit to run away. And Dalmatian people live like that; slower, much easier, unstressed.
If one day I’ll come to live in Split I think that I would need to learn to live much slower and if I would manage to succeed that, then the miracle would happen and the Split would get faster and all of us would live in harmony. ????. Imagine. It’s easy if you try.
They like to talk about politics, but much more about their religion- their beloved football team Hajduk.
Being a Hajduk supporter is a must, but not by anyone’s choice- it’s what you are. Simple like that.
(I was in Split during World championship 2018. Moskow and I never saw how all of them/us were so supportive and bold and brave, courageous and sporty at the same time). Split is Hajduk, but very supportive of all our sportsman, especially the national team.
No. Never. You can’t leave this town. You should stay in Split even for a few days and enjoy one of the most beautiful, significant and historical cities in Croatia.
Split is a must-do in your life.
Andreja Horvatić
editor in chief

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