Spring highlights of Croatia and Slovenia

As we welcome the first real warm rays of sun this year, spring is what brings out the best out of many locations along Croatia but also neighboring Slovenia. Warm and sunny weather is ideal for trips, tours and spending quality time exploring magical places.
It would be a shame to spend incredible spring season in some densely urban area so why don’t you consider taking a trip in some more natural habitat and breathing in that fresh air our lungs need?
Spring highlights of your tour could start with a tour of fabulous castles of Zagorje region which are just an hour away from Zagreb. Unreal, right?
In the same region lies a village that is a historical point for decades- Kumrovec, the birthplace of Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito. Unlike the grand castles, Kumrovec will show you how even modest villages and houses can serve as an excellent starting point for a politician that will be remembered for sure.
And when you start soaking that sun onto your skin, a part of your imagination will wander to the sight and smell of the sea. But why imagine it when you can experience it in the best place possible?
Beautiful Istria is known for its excellent location between Northern Croatia and Slovenia as well as the vacation spot for those people who have great taste in architecture, nature, and gastronomy.
Take a stroll down Istria’smost famous city, Pula,  and see how perfectly Roman inheritance and urban culture coexist. Nearby lies Poreč (or Parenzo) which offers so many activities and sights, you’ll be sure coming there anytime next year!
And for those who enjoy solitude and peace while having a great view, we can’t recommend anything more than Rovinj (or Rovigno)for the coastal experience and, of course, Motovun, for the experience of seeing the Istrian peninsula from a hill that looks like a fairytale.
Plus, as we mentioned gastronomy, you must have heard of famous Istrian truffles! Rare and delicious as they are, many chefs of the world seek for a chance to put their hands on them, and you can have a unique experience of truffle hunting and taste those famous truffles!
On the very border with Istria is the beautiful neighboring country of Slovenia which can provide you so many wonderful memories and surprise you how exciting and magical another small country can be.
If you are a person of nature or seeking for a family-friendly place to relax and go sightseeing, then this tour is just for you! Deer Reef and Istenič wine tasting tour will bring you the best of spring, nature, and hedonism!  And while in Slovenia, use your time there to feel a different side of life by visiting Postojna and Predjama caves that are true wonders of nature. Postojna CaveAnd just in case you want to experience your little fairytale by just being at one spot, then look no further because everyone from these areas knows of Blend how beautiful it is in any time of the year, especially spring! And wait to see Ljubljana and feel its intimate, cute, yet urban and metropolitan vibe. There is a reason Ljubljana is one of those European capitals whose time is just coming up.

And for the end of the tour, say your farewell before heading back to Zagreb by visiting the real trademark of all Croatian attractions- Plitvice lakes. Everyone is dying to visit them; not many people get a chance, so why miss it?

Taste the best of what can Spring bring you, treat yourself with a tour that will give you the best memories you can imagine!

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