Stari Grad on Hvar island

Did you know that the second oldest town in Croatia ( the oldest town is Vis – Issa) celebrates its 2404th birthday this year?

Stari Grad on Hvar Island

With its symbolic name, Stari Grad (literally meaning “Old Town”) is situated on the island of Hvar with a population of less than 3000 and an area of almost 55 km². It was founded as an ancient Greek town Faros in 384 BC. Because of its long history and various cultural influences, Stari Grad is full of interesting buildings, churches, and squares.

Tvrdalj – Gardens in Stari Grad, photo credit by the TB of Stari Grad


This fortified house was built by the aristocrat writer Petar Hektorović in the 16th century. At the heart of the complex lies a beautiful Renaissance garden, set around a pond stocked with mullet. On the walls of the house, you can find quotes from the writer’s work inscribed on the walls in Latin and Croatian.

DOMINICAN MONASTERY OF ST PETER THE MARTYR, photo credit by the TB of Stari Grad


This monastery’s filled with various kinds of plants, ranging from orange trees to Hvar’s signature lavender in its cloister garden, complete with an interesting little museum packed with fossils, ancient Greek and Roman paraphernalia, as well as religious icons dating from the 16th to 18th centuries.

ST STEPHEN’S CHURCH, photo credit by the TB of Stari Grad


Built-in 1605, this large church has a baroque facade with, despite being water-damaged, beautiful paintwork inside. Its freestanding bell tower was constructed in 1753, mostly with stones from the ancient Greek town walls. Be on the lookout for a Roman stone relief of Eros, to the right of the church.


Vanja Celinić

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