Staycation Croatia - Food and Wine


Lešić Dimitri Place photo by Marko Sitar, Korčula, Croatia, photo credit by Lešić Dimitri Palace

Lešić Dimitri Palace – luxurious Korčula

There are just over 1.200 official islands in Croatia, each different from the other, and some are extra special in many ways, one of which is Korčula island. Halfway between…
Photo credit by WORLD'S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots & Pots, Zagreb, Croatia,


The unique robot restaurant Bots & Pots in Zagreb is officially opened! Photo credit by WORLD’S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots & Pots, Zagreb, Croatia, WORLD’S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots &…

 Foodie and wine tour in Dubrovnik 

What is so STAYLICIOUS in Dubrovnik? What about food? Enjoy a foodie tour in Dubrovnik … with our partners’ Croatian attractions In Dubrovnik, you can enjoy some of the best…
Konavle Valley, photo by Kameni Dvori

Cooking Class at a local farm nearby Dubrovnik 

Today it’s all about food and drinks… And it’s super staylicious. For those of you who would like to learn to cook in Dubrovnik, ‘homemade’ some of the local and…
Meso s tiblice, Međimurski dvori-photo by Denis Perčić, photo credit by TB of Međimurje, Croatia

A Culinary fairy tale of Međimurje

Međimurje, the northernmost and one of Croatia’s most economically developed regions, can certainly boast a rich gastronomic tradition with its roots in its rich geographical environment and history. Vineyards of…
Monte restaurant, Rovinj, CRoatia, photo credit by Monte restaurant

Michelin rated restaurants in Croatia

In the world of culinary arts, being included in the annual Michelin guide is equal to being nominated for an Oscar in acting. Getting a prestigious Michelin star is rightfully…
The Gere winery, Hungarian Baranja, photo by

Baranja – the land of wine

‘The land of wine’ stretches throughout Baranja, like its name, suggests ‘mother of wine’, because in Hungarian, ‘bor’ means wine, and ‘anya’ is a mother. It seems like a sea- although…
Captain's House restaurant, Mali Ston, Croatia, photo credit by Captain's House

The Captain’s House at Mali Ston

Traditional cuisine that was once enjoyed by Ston princes, castellans, nobles is now proudly served to statesmen, jet setters. The fresh oysters and other shellfish, fish pate, fish, lobsters, fish…
The Rizman vinery, Croatia, photo credit by Rizman vinery

The Rizman winemaking story

It has begun as a challenge, turned into love, and developed into complete devotion to the art of winemaking. The Rizman vinery, Croatia Rizman winery makes original and authentic winemaking…
The wine cellar of the Đakovo-Osijek Archdiocese, Croatia, photo by Denis Despot, photo credit by TB of Slavonia and Baranja

A Wine Heaven in Slavonia and Baranja

In Slavonia and Baranja, you will find the largest wine cellar, largest vineyard, giant barrel, top boutique wineries, and unforgettable sights and aromas. What should you do? You should ‘Head on…


The town of Ston or even better, the bay of Mali Ston. You may not have heard of the place itself but, the best oysters in the world can be…
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