Steak tartare is not a dish to prepare for those who are beginners in the world of cooking. It takes some time and the right ingredients to cook this meal that has been prepared in Croatian gastronomy many, many times. But once you learn how to prepare this steak that many describe as “heavenly,” your household members will look at you in a different way- as badass!
It is argued that Steak Tartare first originated in Croatia during the Napolean wars. According to Napoleon himself, his Croatian soldiers were the best and bravest men he ever had. Napoleon used to say, „Croatians are the best soldiers in the world. If I had 100 000 Croatian soldiers, I would have conquered the world!“
Croatian soldiers rode long distances in Napolean’s army. Therefore, they stored beef under their saddles, which would tender from high pressure. It is presumed that this method of storage prequels what is today known to be Steak Tartare, as unlikely as it sounds.
A fun fact, the origin of the modern neck-tie lies with Croatian soldiers who introduced this fashion item to the French!

Croatian Attractions Kravat pukovnija
Croatian Attractions Kravat pukovnija


500 g beef tenderloins,2 cloves of garlic,1 small onion, carefully measured,2-3 tablespoon mustard,1 tablespoon tomato concentrate, minced red pepper, parsley,5-6 pickles (optional),10 capers, 8 pitted black olives, 1-2 anchovies finely chopped, 1 pickled pitted chilly pepper finely chopped, Worchester sauce, 1 small dose of Cognac or Whiskey, salt, pepper

Table for two4
Table for two4


Mix the beef with salt and oil. Spread mustard on the beef (to make the meat turn dark) according to taste. Allow it to sit for a day. Drain, trim fat and silverskin, and chop finely into small cubes. Finely chop all ingredients and mix them into the meat. Add Cognac last. Serve in a dipping bowl or on a plate with toast and butter on the side.

Practical tip:

Spread Steak Tartare with a knife on buttered toast.


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