Stella Croatica -The ethno-agro park

It all began on the island of Mljet in 2002, relying on the long-standing family tradition of agricultural production.

The hardworking Dalmatian family used their knowledge and recipes that were passed on to generations for the preparation of local delicacies.


Listening to the tips of the elderly, they used olives, figs, almonds, lemons and oranges which today represent the world famous tourist product known as Stella Croatica!



The passion for the quality and importance of local culture, the exclusive natural ingredients and the superior design of the products have ensured their worldwide recognition, which is confirmed by the fact that they were awarded the Golden Medal of Olive Oil Japan and the prestigious British Great Taste award.



Ethno-agro park Stella Croatica


The ethno-agro park “Stella Croatica” is located in the region of Dalmatia in a Croatian town Klis located around a mountain fortress bearing the same name. It is chosen as the ideal historical, geographical and gastronomic intersection of different cultures and influences.



It’s part of the Stella Mediterranea complex where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Dalmatian delicacies, ecological products and the entire heritage of Dalmatinska Zagora.



„Stella Croatica” as a part of Stella’s complex, “Stella Mediterranea”, for decades mainly produces indigenous Dalmatian products: limuncini or arancini (traditional sweets such from lemons and orange bark, fruit salami, smokvenjak (a Dalmatian specialty of dried figs, almonds, brandy and fennel), delicious jams and other delicacies that are region-specific.



The agro-ethno village is divided into two parts. In one section there is a trade and interpretation center of Stella’s production because tourists and visitors really like listening to the stories about olive and almond growing, the process of making oil, oranges, and figs – while the second part is for relaxation, walking, enjoying and learning. Here is a botanical collection in several parts, and it is the only private botanical collection in Croatia. The botanical collection makes an attractive, creative and unique tourist product!

The construction of the Klis complex started in 2011 on the basis of a family farm from the island of Mljet. Along with the production, this area is the only private botanical collection in Croatia. The Botanic Garden in Zagreb also granted them the right to plant and breed endemic plant species!



The agro-ethno village emerged in response to the question of interested tourists “How did people live here before?” The old authentic village turned out to be a great idea as it presents a complete ethnological collection and culture of life in the Dalmatian Zagora through the life of one family. The Ethnographic Museum from Split helped in the realization of this amazing idea.



Listening to the needs of foreign tourists who are no longer looking for a ‘regular’ souvenir, rather than a bottle of domestic wine, autochthonous olive oil and experience have led to real success!

Stella Croatica is an interesting combination of the Mediterranean tradition associated with human, environmental and social concern, as you can see by numerous collaborations such as cooperation with the local community, the Botanical Garden in Zagreb and many years of friendship with the Association of People with Disabilities from Knin. Of course, we must not miss the fact that Stella Croatica is a proud tag holder of the Croatian Green Energy project developed by HEP (a national power company in Croatia which has been engaged in electricity production, transmission and distribution for more than one century, and with heat supply and gas distribution for the past few decades.)


For more than a decade of communication with customers and listening to their needs, it enables a business to comply with global changes and lifestyle trends. All products are made with love and try to preserve the richness of Dalmatian aroma products!





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