Ston wall and fortress

The original length of the Ston Fortress is 7,000 m. It consists of the walls of Ston and Little Ston and the Great Wall with three fortresses.

Except for its spectacular city walls, considered to be the second-longest in the world but the longest in Europe (5,5 km), Ston and its region are predominantly known as the “oyster capital” of Croatia. Ston’s oysters are very famous as a natural aphrodisiac!!!

fresh oysters from ston

In the times of the Dubrovnik Republic, Ston was the second most important town. Its history reaches back to the 14th century. Ston looks, even today, pretty much the same – like the medieval city with its narrow streets and old houses with nice terraces, naturally preserved from strong wind in this beautiful bay. Its wealth was derived from salt production, which continued to exist for centuries.

Ston archives of Tourist Board of Ston 6
Ston, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo archives of Tourist Board of Ston

The official defense corps has been formed for almost four centuries due to the adaptation of the field and the development of weapons. The walls were of great importance because they defended the city, the shellfish farm, and the saltworks, which donated 15,900 ducats per year to the Dubrovnik Republic.

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Ston archives of Tourist Board of Ston 9
Ston, Croatia, photo archives of Tourist Board of Ston


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