StrudelFest is starting!

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StrudelFest is a manifestation which aims to preserve Croatian tradition, to please the most sophisticated palates, and also to improve product range on offer in the continental part of Croatia which is becoming increasingly attractive to domestic and foreign tourists.

This gastro festival is unique! It takes place in the heart of pristine nature, more precisely, in Jaškovo – the village of strudel, only a 10-minute drive away from Karlovac.

The fourth StrudelFest event will take place on September 8th, when over 50  exhibitors from all around Croatia will offer over 70 different strudel flavors, ranging from those classic ones, with apple and cheese filling, all the way to those filled with rose petals, Swiss chard, lamb or gluten-free ones. Every palate will be pleased, as well as all other senses because this gastro event of good atmosphere and delicious tastes is also a true visual spectacle since it is held away from city asphalt, in the middle of a cornfield and next to a freshwater spring.

Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest


This unique event starts at 10 a.m., and lasts till 7 p.m. During those 9 delicious hours, besides trying out a multitude of different strudel flavors, there will also be entertainment for all age groups, from children to adults, so coming to Jaškovo, the village of strudel, will be a real Sunday treat for the whole family.

There will be old-fashioned open horse carriage rides, horseback riding, huge straw sculptures, gastro workshops for adults, natural cosmetics workshops, and gladiator fights. Children’s corner with lots of creative workshops and fun games will be particularly appealing.

Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest

Numerous TV personalities will come to support this praiseworthy project, which preserves and nurtures Croatian tradition and strengthens continental tourism. A famous actor, Zoran Pribičević is hosting the whole program, while his colleague Doris Pinčić will be hosting the workshop „My favorite strudel“. Branko Ognjenović, the famous chef,  will also attend to accompany Doris in proclaiming the best strudel of Croatia around 3 p.m.

Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest

Also, let’s not forget that it was precisely in Jaškovo, the village of strudel, where the strudel which got into the Guinness book of records was made, and „auntie“ Marica, who participated in the making of this delicious treat 4 years ago, will discover the secret of that strudel in a workshop. Visitors of this picturesque village will also be welcomed by Croatia’s most exemplary wife, who will be preparing Vivodinska strudel on site. Guests from Slovenia will show how they make their strudel, and our guests from Roman days in Vinkovci will tell us if the Romans made this treat.

Besides the main stage, the program will also take place in Jaškovo manor as well as in Žganjer restaurant.

Come and experience the tastes you have never tasted before, in the surroundings of pristine nature.

Photo credit by Archives of StrudlaFest

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