STUFFED CALAMARI – A traditional Dalmatian dish

Stuffed calamari is often associated with Italian cuisine, but this delicious seafood dish also represents traditional dishes from Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Try it yourself with this simple but tasty recipe!


1 kg squid / calamari,4 cloves of garlic,2 smaller onion,100 g bacon or prosciutto,100 g rice,1 fresh bell pepper / paprika,2 pelati tomatoes,1.50 dcl wine,2 dcl soup broth,1 dcl ml olive oil,parsley leaves,salt,pepper


Finely chop squid tentacles, parsley, bacon or prosciutto, onion, and garlic, mix into mass, and season. Fill the calamari with the stuffing, close each end with a toothpick. In oil fry onion, add cubed bell pepper, leftover garlic, and parsley. Saute for 10 minutes, stir in pelati tomatoes. Once sauce flavors are combined, season with spices and remove from heat. Stuffed calamari lay on top of the sauce, pour in white wine and soup broth, return to heat and simmer on medium temperature for about 30 minutes. A better suggestion, heat the oven to 160 degrees and bake for 30-40 minutes.

Practical tip:

Calamari prepared in this fashion can be oven baked or pan-fried.

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