Continental climate prevails in Zagreb. Weather can be determined in four seasons. Winter is freezing, and in January the temperatures are the lowest. The average minimum temperature in winter is -3°C, and snow is a common occurrence. A wide range of exciting events, winter activities, and charming Advent/Christmas Market attract a large number of tourists albeit of low temperatures. In the spring the temperature rises abruptly to 15°C. The amount of rainfall is increasing, and the streets and cafeteria terraces thrill with the number of smiling faces who can hardly wait to get out of winter clothes. The summer surprises us every year and starts at the end of May and lasts until September. The mid-summer temperature around is 22°C while the highest summer temperature is 37°C. Summer evenings are much more enjoyable, and the city becomes the adorable place for relaxed citizens and tourists that share the opinion of their favorite summer event „Ljeto na Strossu“. During October and November, lower temperatures and autumn rain prepare us for the cooling part of a year and school days. The average highest temperature is about 11°C and falls to 6°C. Throughout the year; the city has a big tourist offer that will certainly not disappoint you so it is up to you to decide which temperatures will suit you the most. the  Have a nice holiday!

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