Surogat-First non-US cartoon to win an Oscar


Surogat is an animated movie by Dušan Vukotić from 1961, the first animated movie from outside the US which won an Oscar award for Best Animated Picture in 1962. Besides winning an Oscar, Surogat won many other prizes and awards such as those on movie festivals in Bergamo, San Francisco Oberhausen, Belgrade, etc.
As one of the most popular animated pictures of these areas, it’s no wonder that Surogat gained fame in the land of abroad too. The cartoon was translated on many foreign languages so many can recognize it under the name of The Substitute, Cypporar, Der Ersatz, Le Succedane, Surrogatto and so on.

This ten-minute long picture is not for children though; it’s oriented towards adults and tell a story of an unusual triangle-like chubby character who comes to the beach and simply inflates everything he may need, including his girlfriend.

This short but sweet piece was made in modest conditions of Animation Studio of Zagreb film by Dušan Vukotić and Rudolf Sremec in the early 60s which symbolized an era where numerous things started to have their substitutes and the line between reality and substituted reality was quite blurred.

Vukotić made everything in the movie to be two-dimensional and made of geometric shapes which were something completely new and different from the dominant Walt Disney esthetic. But it’s not only the visual part that was unusual for that time. The soundtrack comes in the shape of nervous-like jazz whose author is Tomislav Simović.

This animated piece of history made a great impact on future cartoonists and world of animation in general, especially after winning the most prestigious movie award of all times!

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