Terme Topusko -Thermal spa of continental Croatia

    As we presented you some of the best thermal spas in our country, mostly on the Adriatic coast and northern parts that are in the region of Zagorje, you may as well ask:„But what about continental Croatia?“
Of course, most of Croatia lies on wealthy and healthy thermal water sources, so continental Croatia is no exception!

The history of Topusko started over 3000 years ago when the ancient Illyric tribe of Japodes discovered natural sources of thermal water in this area. As with the most thermal spas in Croatia, afterward, the Romans came and decided to use those thermal waters for rehabilitation of Roman soldiers coming back from the battles. The status of this spa resort has today started in the 19th century when the Austrian tsar Franz heard about the benefits of its water. In the following 100 years, its magical Terme Topusko became a place where all European nobility, bishops, lords, generals and so on, came to relax and heal their mind and body.
The spa’s water of volcanic origin is rich in many anions and cations and is perfect for those who suffer from problems related to muscular, nervous and locomotor issues.








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