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Thanks to our friends and sympathizers and great photographers we can present you some of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

Zoran Jelača is one of them!

Zoran Jelača is a photographer from Zagreb where he also works as a graphics editor in the most significant national publishing house.
From 1990, when he started to show interest in photography, he has exhibited his work at 50 group and three solo exhibitions.
Besides being recognized by profession, his photographs are published in numerous books, calendars, textbooks, magazines and other similar media.

Thank you, Zoran

Nina Bogdan/ photographer helped us to show you the Island Hvar. You are free to fall in love with it.
Trenutak sa Hvarom

Nina Bogdan was born on July 7th, 1992. Her beginning with photography started in 2012 when she began to study the field of photography intensively as a 20-year-old girl. She learned more and more about photography through many books she read, her friends and her colleagues. She is inspired by her love for nature and the town of Hvar in which she grew up and lives up to this day as well as her wish to show the beauty of Hvar outside the borders of Croatia. Soon she started to sell her photographs, motives of Hvar on linen tote bags, median and photos set inside jewelry. She is proud of the fact that her work is a part of various homes from England and Saudi Arabia to China.
Her first independent exhibition held the place in Hvar during June 2017 under the name “Captured moments” through which she wanted to show the beauty of Hvar even in winter months when the city is still covered in the sun and full of peacefulness, natural wonders, and beautiful sunsets.
Her photographs, which mostly show landscapes of Hvar, enchanted the local people and the foreigners which makes her extremely proud that she could show Hvar the way she sees it and loves it.

Thank you, Nina

Nino’s Pavišić photography became more than just a hobby because three of his passions – love for nature, desire for adventure and being in love with the camera (since he was 12 and cousin from Canada put SLR camera in his hands).
Even though camera is always with him and he adores to shoot everything – animals, people, jewelry, concerts, food … the number 1 thing for him is landscape photography! Whole day just shooting on Velebit mountain? No problem! Getting up early in the morning just to be on the spot before sunrise? No problem! Minus 18 celsius degrees on Plitvice lakes? No problem!
You can enjoy more of his photos here:

Thank you, Nino

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