The Attractions of Croatia

Can you imagine coming to a certain country and having a chance to see a wide range of attractions from those made by nature itself to those made by people in distant past? Well, you probably could, but that would mean a big country and you have absolutely no time for seeing all those attractions. Surprisingly, in Croatia, you won’t need all that time and rush to experience its rich culture. You can see all the attractions on small distances with just an hour or two long rides or even a couple of them in the same location. Not convinced yet? Let’s just name a few of those attractions. We will suggest some of Zagreb’s attractions here and trust us, sights like the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark’s church are just the tip of the iceberg of all the attractions you can see on a walking distance. If you wander off in the magical peninsula of Istria, don’t miss the chance to visit incredible remains of the past such as the Amphitheater in Pula, Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč or St. Eufemia church in Rovinj. The national parks never seem to stop making tourists breathless. A simple look at the Plitvice lakes or Krka falls will indeed show you what an attraction of nature looks like. The southern parts of the coast hide all sorts of attractions for your eyes. Take a walk through the towns of Šibenik and Split and gaze upon the Šibenik cathedral and Diocletian’s palace. And Dubrovnik? You must have heard of Dubrovnik, of course. A city that is an attraction in whole. If we started to enumerate everything you can see there, that would take a long, long time, but places like Sponza palace and Dubrovnik walls will give you no doubt why this Adriatic fairytale land serves as the famous landscape for shows like Game of Thrones. And as we said, this is just a tip of the iceberg of attractions in a small country called Croatia. Imagine what else awaits you when you come here!


Croatian Attractions – the highlights of your holiday!


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