The biggest gathering of Kajkavian in Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski!

The Kajkavian Project in Lisinski under the sponsorship of Radio Kaj showed all the strength and values of the five Kajkavian counties and the City of Zagreb. They were singing the Kajkavian songs, the visitors had the opportunity to taste the best specialties of the Eno-gastronomic offer and experience the beauty of folklore. This is a joint economic-promotional and cultural project of Koprivnica-Križevci, Krapina-Zagorje, Međimurje, Varaždin and Zagreb County, the City of Zagreb and Radio Kaj, which was held for the second year in the Lisinski Hall in Zagreb. Tourism, spas, gastronomy, farms, winemakers, beekeepers … Lace, cheese, greens, pumpkin oil, wine, sparkling wine, traditional wooden toys, naive art…all this was presented on Sunday 11th March in the lobby of Lisinski Hall! Visitors tried famous Zagorski štrukli, grandma’s cakes, Međimurje’s meat, cabbage rolls from Varaždin Koprivnički breg pie, „pogača z oreji“…

The little ones took home Licitar (colorfully decorated biscuits) and traditional wooden toys!

Many interesting attractions and specialties of the Kajkavian region were presented and they announced numerous tourist manifestations that will take place throughout Northwestern Croatia – Babičini cakes, Štruklijada, Bučograd in Špancirfest, Zeljarijada in Vidovec, Taste of Varaždin region, Renaissance Festival…

Visitors also enjoyed the attractive performances of KUDs, music ensembles, members of the historical troops of the Croatian Army and the Majorettes.

The cherry on top, the project ended with the evening concert of Kajkavian songs!

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