The Croatian Fraternal Union

Croatia has a significant and rich diaspora around the world that has been living abroad for generations and generations but still stresses the great importance of their heritage and homeland. From South America, and North America to Australia and Germany, Croats have let their roots grow around the planet since the 19th century and on. A significant organization of the Croatian diaspora is The Croatian Fraternal Union, the biggest and oldest organization of Croats living in the USA, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded far back in 1884 by a few Croats from Allegheny City in Pennsylvania to help their natives who worked there financially regarding medical and funeral expenses. The Croatian Fraternal Union exists to this day and is more active than ever.  It promotes Croatian tradition and heritage to Croats and everyone else interested in Croatian traditional music, dances, scholarships, investigations and other ways of support. The Union also played an essential role in helping Croats during the Homeland war in the early 90s.  Croats in Croatia hold significant respect for their diaspora, especially the American one as it is also an important organization in American society.
Also, a street in Zagreb and a square in Split hold the name of the Croatian Fraternal Union to show how much of an important institution that is.

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